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Outcome-Based Payment: A New Beginning

Outcome-Based Payment: A New Beginning

Medical costs of seniors is outpacing the rest of the population's. As a result, insurers are beginning to take bold moves towards outcome-based medicine.
The Future Of Healthcare: Electronic Tattoos?

The Future Of Healthcare: Electronic Tattoos?

We’re witnessing the birth of a new interface: machines that move and flex to fit, fix, and improve our health. And they’re going to change everything.
doctor talks to parent about child's health

Health In Rural India Will Never Be The Same [VIDEO]

A pilot program by the National Rural Health Mission has committed to providing healthcare to over 270 million Indian children.
How 6 Tech Giants Are Investing In Healthcare

How 6 Tech Giants Are Investing In Healthcare

Technology has changed the face of medicine for the better because doctors have more tests available to make diagnoses and then set treatment plans for patients. However, a lot more research is needed to use technology to its fullest...
enterprise mobility in healthcare

Transforming Healthcare Delivery With Enterprise Mobility

The healthcare industry has a long history of tak­ing advantage of mobile technology, from early adoption of Palm Pilots for e-prescribing to mobile computers on wheels. However, enterprise mobility is quickly transforming the industry even further with the abil­ity...
healthcare megatrends in patient care

Healthcare: 10 Megatrends That Will Affect Your Life

I couldn’t agree more with Michael Cameron on this. Working outside healthcare and wellness, the incremental changes have become more prominent to me. Looking at them continually in action gives you a better perspective about the bigger megatrends ready...
healthcare megatrends in patient care

Healthcare Megatrends: Personalized Medicine – The Future Is Now

There was a time when it cost a 1 billion dollars and 10 years to sequence the first human genome. There was a time when genetics was a subspecialty. There was a time when healthcare was far behind the...
healthcare professionals collaborate to enhance customer centricity

Healthcare Providers Collaborate For Greater Customer Centricity

It may go down as the most infamous website-launch in history. When, the federal healthcare exchange established by the Affordable Care Act, went live Oct. 1, 2013, hapless users were frustrated by long waits, missing information, lack of...

Eye Exams Check Your Eyes – And May Save Your Life

Did you know that an eye exam could potentially reveal the existence of an STD in the body? You read that correctly. With proper equipment, your ophthalmologist may find clues to serious health conditions just by examining your retina,...