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consumer products

Instability, Uncertainty, And Volatility: The New Normal

The consumer products industry is facing a new normal: instability, uncertainty, and volatility. See how these companies are addressing the challenge.

The Rise Of Technology In Consumer Products

The rapid adoption of enabling technologies is forever changing the consumer products industry in many ways. Learn why in this post.
josh linkner

3 Ways Customer-Centric Companies Beat Competition

To be competitive now and win the consumer of tomorrow, companies need to adapt and connect with their customers in new ways. Josh Linkner explains.
smart vending machine

Smart Vending Machine: The Future Of Technology

The future of vending machine businesses is giving people more convenient purchasing experience. Julian Hooks explains.
trade promotions planning

Trade Promotion: Stop Managing And Start Optimizing

Why settle for managing trade promotions when you can optimize them? See benefits it can bring to your consumer products company.
food chain safety

The Evolution Of FSMA And Track-and-Trace Technology

The genesis of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was centered on a forced evolution of the food chain from a reactive model to a proactive model.