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mobile banking

The Battle Over Mobile Banking

Throughout the world, the competition for consumer spending is intensifying – if that’s even possible.
Business Intelligence Isn’t. Very Intelligent. Yet.

Business Intelligence Isn’t. Very Intelligent. Yet.

Finance and energy companies talk a good game when it comes to business intelligence, but most of them are still reading dated reports.
minnesota twins

Minnesota Twins: Beer, Hot Dogs, And Credit Card Applications

Minnesota Twins fans can sign up for a Twins MasterCard during a game using an iPad app from Mitek that shoots their drives license to speed the process.
Banking On Demand: The Component-Based Bank

Banking On Demand: The Component-Based Bank

The whole end-to-end production, processing, and distribution of finance is being changed by cloud-based products and services.
banking button on a keyboard

Banking On Demand: The Customer-Focused Bank

By offering products in the cloud with open sourced processes that deliver well-packaged customer experiences, banks can be well-positioned for the future.
employee disengagement and engagement

Confronting Disengagement In Financial Services

Employees in financial services and insurance sectors have seen a lot of instability, dislocation, and downsizing since the global financial crisis in 2008.
Puzzle piece

Putting Together The Puzzle Of Payment Options

There are only two choices left for those in this sphere: Innovate to improve or accept the status quo and risk losing big.