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Banking’s Innovation Vision In 2014

Banking’s Innovation Vision In 2014

The banking landscape in 2014 will be transformed by new technologies and the application of familiar technologies in new places.
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A Good Example Of Innovation In Retail Banking – Alpha Bank

Alpha Bank in Russia has come up with a novel concept of a fitness account, which combines two existing needs of their customers in an innovative way.
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Why Banks Need To Be More Like Beer Commercials

It’s time for financial services providers to think more like consumer brands and make the IT investments that will help them give customers what they want.
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How The Cloud Drives Innovation In Banking [VIDEO]

Still not sure if cloud is right for your banking organization? Watch this video to find out how cloud technology is transforming the banking industry.

Core Banking – The Modernization Imperative [VIDEO]

Is your bank modernizing its core banking systems? Find out why it should and what clear advantages they are missing out on.
Technology: Taming The Risk Beast (Part 2)

Technology: Taming The Risk Beast (Part 2)

After outlining the four main buckets of risk that banks have to tame – market, credit, liquidity and operational – the real issue is the bank’s structure.
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Risk: The Nature Of The Beast (Part 2)

Each risk manager is managing an element of risk: market, credit, operational, liquidity, reputation and more. The issue is how can they offset each other.
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Opportunities For Digital Banking [VIDEO]

Banks worldwide are racing to devise winning digital strategies that will redefine the customer experience while reducing costs.