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6 Steps To Create The Life You Want

Are you ready for a big change in your life as an entrepreneur? Follow this advice and let your entrepreneurial adventures begin.
passive aggressive

What’s Wrong With Being Passive Aggressive?

Choosing the assertive path is rarely easy and may not always be popular, but it will be respected. Here's why.

How Trust Can Improve Your Life Satisfaction

Having intentional, reciprocal, and valued trust relationships is one of the best indicators of life satisfaction in every culture.
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Getting At The Gold In The Golden Rule

Whether a quote is attributed to Mother Teresa, Confucius, Bill Gates or your mother, truth is true. Kick and scream all you like. Truth – just is.
Creativity, Innovation, And Anti-Conventional Thinking

Creativity, Innovation, And Anti-Conventional Thinking

If you are ever required to come up with creative ideas in your role as a professional or parent, you need to listen to this discussion.
Can Corporate Learning Really Be Something Employees Crave?

Can Corporate Learning Really Be Something Employees Crave?

We normally equate learning at our jobs with going to the dentist. But that’s all changing as corporate learning programs become easier and more convenient.
shift into change

How To Shift Into Change

We can change our programs, including the limiting beliefs about ourselves and our businesses. We just have to be aware of the program and shift.
motivated workforce

4 Keys To A Motivated Workforce That’ll Crush The Competition

How do you fix your hiring process? Well, there are no silver bullets, but here are four suggestions to turbocharge your hiring and business.
leadership nail

The Biggest Nail In Workplace Culture

Take a stand. Hold your head high and make your voice count. Make yourself a lynchpin, not just for you, but also for everyone around you.