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zest in business

How To Put The Zest Back Into Business Life

Make each moment in a company meeting worthwhile. With this right touch, you can conduct effective virtual meetings with simplified processes.
social media

The Social Age Is The Age Of Participation [VIDEO]

Those who embrace the Participation Age will flourish, and those who don’t will be left behind.
Workers Want To Work Hard

Workers Want To Work Hard

Being fully engaged with what you do requires effort and concentration. It needs to feel special and be worth their effort.
baseball field

Building Legendary Teams With Leadership

When we look at companies and sports teams that are remembered as legendary teams, you will find one common characteristic among them, performance.
legacy thinking

The Collapse Of Legacy Thinking [VIDEO]

Legacy thinking are thoughts from the past, what the thinking was that used to work. If that is how you lead, learn why you need to let it go.
creativity flows

2 Questions To Get The Creative Juices Flowing

People are taught to be cautious and avoid making mistakes. And this acts against creativity. Here's how you can get the innovative juices flowing.