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Run A Hackathon, Not A Hack Job

Software-focused companies often leverage events, like hackathons, to help employees blow off steam, socialize, and generate ideas for fun and profit.
employees give advice

5 Things You Need To Ask Your Employees Today

Start inviting employees to offer their advice and share their knowledge. Here are five things worth asking them about.
It’s Hard To Ask Good Questions

It’s Hard To Ask Good Questions

It’s amazingly hard to ask good questions. But here's the reality: There is no factually correct answer! You can only have a well-reasoned point of view.
The Impact Of Low Morale In The Workplace

The Impact Of Low Morale In The Workplace

The higher your morale, the higher the outcome of your actions. However, morale in the workplace can easily be affected by a series of factors.
list of habits to stop now

The 9 Habits To Stop Now

Instead of a "To Do" list, make a "Not To Do" list to free up time for more important activities. Not sure what to add? Here are a few habits to consider.
reaching for the stars

Find Your Meaning, Find Your Motive

If you want to stay motivated, you need to find meaning in your work. Here's how you can find it and spread the feeling across the workforce.

The Craft Vs. The Art Of Leadership

There are things that no one can teach you, you have to figure them out for yourself. Don’t let the leadership craft get in the way of your leadership art.
motivating people

3 Things You Forgot About Motivating People

Don't miss out on these three things that are routinely underestimated in their ability to motivate employees and do not require delivering a stirring speech.
constructive criticism is given

3 Keys To Receiving Constructive Criticism

The next time you are receiving constructive criticism, remember three helpful steps to guide you through the process and make the most of your discussion.
happiness at work

The Pursuit Of Happiness At Work

Why is happiness at work a goal worthy enough to be pursued? As it turns out, research shows there are a number of good reasons to help employees be happier.