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boy explores nature

If Mother Nature Was Your CEO

If a top automaker creates better designs by stealing from nature, surely nature must contain lessons that apply to business and leadership as well.
zip line

Managing Underperformers

Underperformers may be frustrating, but not hopeless. Here are some tips for turning your underperformers into good employees.
happy employee

How Exciting Job Titles Can Influence Performance

Research says that happiness is achieved when people make progress. Nice job titles help people feel they are making progress and becoming happier.
Productivity Life Hacks For Work

Productivity Life Hacks For Work

What’s the secret to awesome productivity? Check out these simple tips to getting things done with greater efficiency.
business heirarchy

Making Hierarchies More Fluid

Is it possible for hierarchies to free up our brains to focus on other things? It is as long as it's fluid. Jamie Notter explains.
Boat Race

Who Is Responsible For Social Collaboration?

A workforce needs a spark to enlighten the company. Who is responsible for creating a social and technical foundation? It's the chief people officer.