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Do We Expect More From Technology And Less From One Another?

With a self-absorbed society with varying levels of narcissism, it is not far-fetched to believe the “selfie” could be a manifestation of mental disease.
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My Wounded Pride: Confessions Of A Gen Xer

Find out how one Gen Xer went from embarrassed to energized when mulling the potential of working with a Millennial on the team.
rebel heretics community feed

Rebel Heretics Community Feed

We are honored to serve alongside other thinkers and doers who are pioneering a new way in business and leadership. Here are a few we don’t want you to miss.
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Start Your Own Engagement Revolution, Today

Too often we hear the term “employee engagement” and think of it as corporate-wide HR initiative. Or maybe it’s why we need to train the managers better.
How To Turn Millennials Into Your Best Talent Scouts [VIDEO]

How To Turn Millennials Into Your Best Talent Scouts [VIDEO]

Although 84 percent of companies understand the importance of college hiring, 92 percent believe their “brand problem” hinders efforts to attract top talent.
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More Automotive Industry Paradigm Shifts: A Cloud-y Future

Auto manufacturers and dealers can create marketing and outreach campaigns that are more effective, but only if they know how to mine their data properly.
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The 5 C’s To Captivate Employees’ Hearts And Minds

Provide so much more value for employees by captivating their hearts and minds. But it will require something of you.
Let’s Make 2014 The Year Of Passion

Let’s Make 2014 The Year Of Passion

The formula for achieving employee engagement is simpler than you might think – hire the right people and take the right steps to keeping them on board.