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6 Ticks To Better Time Engagement

Let’s replace “time management” with time engagement. We want employees to their invest time in work assignments and be engaged.
passing the torch

How Your Boomers Will Remain Relevant

Very soon, baby boomers will be exiting the workforce. And firms can miss out if they do not plan for the impact of this retirement tsunami.

Employees Are Part Of Business Lifecycle. Agree?

There is a saying: treat your employees like your customers. Employees are building blocks for any business. Read this story to learn why.
texting culture

Texting: 4 Etiquette Tips To Keep It Professional

Social technologies are redefining communication and relationships, making familiarity with business texting etiquette essential in today's culture.
Are You Ready For Marketing 2020?

Are You Ready For Marketing 2020?

Are you ready for Marketing 2020? Get a glimpse on how things will evolve and what you can do now to prepare.
chicken and egg

3 Ways Creative Engagement Hatches Employee Engagement

Creative engagement and employee engagement are the chicken and the egg. Or the egg and the chicken. Either way, they strongly reinforce each other.
what to do next

What’s Your Be Be Do?

Everyone inside and outside of your company should be able to recite what your company stands for, why you exist, and how you do your thing. Your Be Be Do.