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Rebel Heretics Community Feed – Issue 8

We're honored to serve alongside other thinkers and doers who are pioneering a new way in business and leadership. Here are a few we don’t want you to miss.
Balanced Leadership

Bring Together Brains And Beliefs For Balanced Leadership

We need a new kind of leadership that respects brains and beliefs of all humans. If we don't, we'll leave behind many of our best and brightest.
Guilty! Practicing Marketing Without A License

Guilty! Practicing Marketing Without A License

The market will eventually weed out those who haven’t kept up to date. But, you can continue ‘practicing’ for quite some time before that happens.

6 Ticks To Better Time Engagement

Replace “time management” with "time engagement." Get your employees to their invest time in work and be engaged by discarding these wasteful behaviors.
passing the torch

How Your Boomers Will Remain Relevant

Very soon, baby boomers will be exiting the workforce. And firms can miss out if they do not plan for the impact of this retirement tsunami.

Employees Are Part Of Business Lifecycle. Agree?

There is a saying: treat your employees like your customers. Employees are building blocks for any business. Read this story to learn why.
texting culture

Texting: 4 Etiquette Tips To Keep It Professional

Social technologies are redefining communication and relationships, making familiarity with business texting etiquette essential in today's culture.
Are You Ready For Marketing 2020?

Are You Ready For Marketing 2020?

Are you ready for Marketing 2020? Get a glimpse on how things will evolve and what you can do now to prepare.