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How To Do The Human Side Of Business Right

Making your business more human and more personal is vital to success. But how do you get that right?
5 Customer Service Language Hacks

5 Customer Service Language Hacks

Use these quick customer service language hacks to put an irritated customer at ease and approach difficult situations with greater ease.
nordstrom buys trunk club

30 Days Of #BRANDLOVE: Nordstrom

Nordstrom's reputation is based on providing good customer experiences that need to be told, reinforcing the brand and encouraging positive word of mouth.
customer revolution

The Customer Revolution: Fight For Your Right To Party [VIDEO]

Some companies – the smart ones – have already picked up on this one truth and are joining the revolution, not by fighting back, but by changing approaches.
visual customer service

Visual Customer Service In The Social Media Age

Taking customer service online and into a visual medium extends the brand-customer interaction beyond the brick-and-mortar experience.
don draper

Why The Days Of Don Draper Marketing Are Over

Is customer service the new marketing? Is customer service the heart of marketing? The answer is a resounding “Yes”, and the days of Don Draper are over.
rotary phone

How to Use Social Media For Customer Support

Customer service has evolved from the standard 1-800 number. Here's how you can create a social media strategy that incorporates customer service.
roadblock signs

5 Roadblocks To Digital Brand Consistency

A recent Forrester thought leadership paper uncovered a number of roadblocks to digital brand consistency. Are they affecting your digital experience?
Customer Adoption Marketing: 3 Things You Need To Know

Customer Adoption Marketing: 3 Things You Need To Know

New trends are emerging in the software industry, one of which is customer adoption marketing. Learn how this trend is changing the software marketplace.