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  • 29 Signs Your Business Is Not Ready For Content Marketing
    29 Signs Your Business Is Not Ready For Content Marketing By Michael Brenner
    Published on April 16, 2014
    How do you know your business is ready for content marketing? Here are some reasons why you may not want to jump on the content marketing bandwagon yet.
  • LinkedIn logo
    How To Use LinkedIn To Find Your Dream Job By Amanda Clark
    Published on April 16, 2014
    You can bet that these tips will help you land a great job — yes, perhaps even your dream job — through LinkedIn.

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Hadoop Summit Amsterdam 2014: Crossing The Chasm [VIDEO]

Presenters at the Hadoop Summit said Hadoop 2.0 has helped the technology "cross the chasm", and predicted a big wave of production deployments this year.
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Make Your Meetings More Successful (And Shorter!)

There are two factors that can help you escape the inertia of unnecessary collaboration and join your efforts with others only when it counts.
Prove The ROI Of Digital Marketing Content

Prove The ROI Of Digital Marketing Content

Angela Hausman gives some insight on how you can provide the ROI of your digital marketing content.
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Content Is And Always Will Be King

Before you decide which piece of viral content to create, you need to figure out what your customers and users want. Michael Juba details what's out there.
The Evolution Of Business

The Evolution Of Business

Businesses are searching for ways to energize and make better use of their people’s time. Here's a few tips on how to evolve your business.
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My Wounded Pride: Confessions Of A Gen Xer

Find out how one Gen Xer went from embarrassed to energized when mulling the potential of working with a Millennial on the team.
The Value Waiting In The Cloud

The Value Waiting In The Cloud

Cloud is the next great creator of value in the business world, and financial services as a sector is positioned to take advantage.
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Digital Business: Shift Your Facebook Strategy?

With its rapidly diminishing organic reach, Daniel Newman explains why doing paid campaigns to get more visibility on Facebook may or may not make sense.