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future of work

Managing The Reinvention Of Work: Social, Mobile, Analytics, And Cloud

Check out these four changes that are reinventing the Future of Work. How will you maneuver this new landscape?
road to 2015

Procurement 2015: The Evolution Continues

Welcome to the Virtual Enterprise. In this new era, procurement is evolving from a service to a function. Find out how with these six predictions for 2015.
human interaction

Why You Need Human Data For Real Customer Engagement

Create a high-quality database of responsive customers who truly want your messages. Learn how to motivate customers to opt-in and provide information.
When To Sell With Facts and Figures, And When To Appeal To Emotions

When To Sell With Facts and Figures, And When To Appeal To Emotions

When should you sell with facts and figures, and when should we try to speak to the buyer’s emotional subconscious, instead? Follow this rule of thumb.
telephone wrapped in rubber bands

Are Phone Screenings Going The Way Of The Dinosaur?

The phone screen age has been decades-long, but recent research suggests that now may be the age of the video interview.
leadership habit

Commit To Building New Leadership Habits [INFOGRAPHIC]

Building new management competencies and leading your team to remarkable achievements means developing these new habits and practices.
b2b lead generation

5 Tips For Using LinkedIn For B2B Lead Generation

LinkedIn is a great opportunity. Find out how you can boast high conversion rates and beat your competition that is still trying to figure it all out.
New SEC Swaps Rules Could Impact Dealers

New SEC Swaps Rules Could Impact Dealers

New rules on collateral could increase costs and reduce liquidity in the uncleared swaps market.
sales conversion

Exceptional Sales Conversions: Understanding Your Market

How do you move from an offering, a promotion, a book, or a blog… to a sales conversion? The answer: Focused customer engagement.
augmented reality

How Will Augmented Reality Transform Your Job? [VIDEO]

Even if you do not anticipate purchasing the Apple Watch or Google Glass anytime soon, someone may already have you shortlisted to use one anyway.
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