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7 Things You Didn’t Know About 3D Printing

7 Things You Didn’t Know About 3D Printing

If you browse the internet, you will surely come across 3D printing. In fact, it is one of the much hyped about things these days. This new technology has been helping the industry to create innovative designs without consuming…
passing the torch

How Your Boomers Will Remain Relevant

Very soon, a lot of people will be exiting the workforce. Baby boomers, or people born between 1946 and 1964 are set to retire soon. A poll done by AARP…

Employees Are Part Of Business Lifecycle. Agree?

There was a village called Busns in the Soln river bank. People who lived in that village were called Mangs. Their occupation was fishing in the river and to sell it to a nearby…
texting culture

Texting: 4 Etiquette Tips To Keep It Professional

The era of the social technologies encroaches on nearly every aspect of our lives, redefining business communication and relationships. Modern ways of contacting people, such as text messaging, poses…
Are You Ready For Marketing 2020?

Are You Ready For Marketing 2020?

The explosion of channels we all use to gather, consume and share information is having a dramatic impact on the methods of modern marketers. We largely don’t answer…
Leveraging Optical Transport To Create Multisite Datacenter Services

Leveraging Optical Transport To Create Multisite Datacenter Services

The primary objective for networking for decades has been to provide connectivity between resources. In the early days, mere connectivity was valuable enough to make it a service by itself….
simplicity in architecture

Three Ways That Simplicity Pays

Remember ‘keep it simple, stupid’? Even though it has been a popular mantra since 1960, simplicity is a hot topic these days. In my previous blog, Is Complex…
future stores

Future Stores: Emerging Tech And Trends Will Change How We Shop

by Margot Myers, Director, Global Marketing and Communications, Platt Retail Institute The idea of customer purchases being limited to brick-and-mortar stores faded long ago. Digital technologies, such as the Internet and mobile…

Values-Based Leadership And The Future World Of Work

The world has experienced many significant events in the last 200 
years and noticeably so in the last 25. From the fall of the Berlin wall and the advent of the…
millennial wears boxing glove

3 Ways The Millennial Generation Can Be Your Company’s BS Meter

As a species, humans love to complain, and we seem to really love to complain about the younger generations. However, it’s time to give the kid-bashing a rest…
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