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How To Take Better Charge Of Your Pet’s Health With The #InternetOfThings

Feedings. Creating a safe living environment. Trips to the vet. How can one person keep track of it all? Luckily, we have the Internet of Things.
business man makes network connectionsbusiness man makes network connections

The #InternetOfThings, The Networked Economy, And Real-Time Platforms: It’s All Connected

We’re all experiencing a revolutionary time in the world’s economic history. Companies that embrace this change to connect and collaborate will succeed.
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Gartner Study Confirms Senior Managers Don’t Understand The Internet Of Things

Even though a lot of executives believe the Internet of Things will have a major effect on their business, they are still unsure of how to manage it.
connected car

How Connected Cars Will Transform Industries

Areas such as marketing, fleet management, event planning, city planning, insurance, and auto repair can benefit immensely from data connected cars provide.
shoppers in a retail store

3 Ways #IOT Is Changing The Retail Experience Forever

Consumers are not the only ones who are the sole benefactors of the Internet of Things. It's also giving retailers opportunity for unprecedented growth.
Steering The Industry Through The Evolution Of The Automobile

Steering The Industry Through The Evolution Of The Automobile

With billions of data points and ubiquitous vehicular systems, the automakers need to learn how to apply actionable, simplified intelligence. Here's why.
electric car

#IoT Can Kill You! Got Your Attention? Car Security Is A Must.

Maybe this is the wake-up call the world of the Internet of Things needs to make certain that privacy and security are baked in, not just afterthoughts.
3 Ways #IoT Sensors Can Help Put To Rest Our Most Common Fears

3 Ways #IoT Sensors Can Help Put To Rest Our Most Common Fears

Fear. We all experience it. And sometimes, fear can become a terrifying moment of reality. Can these sensors help out them to rest?
innovation man

Life Without Passwords: IDC’s Latest Innovation Predictions [VIDEO]

Check out these predictions from IDC that portend radical changes in how business operates and people live every day.
smart city

How Connected Citizens Are Making Connected Cities More Livable

Smart cities are transforming, and it’s happening through the Internet of Things (IoT) – connecting urban infrastructure to people.
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