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The Future Of Healthcare: Electronic Tattoos?

The Future Of Healthcare: Electronic Tattoos?

We’re witnessing the birth of a new interface: machines that move and flex to fit, fix, and improve our health. And they’re going to change everything.
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Sweet! The Internet Of Things At Friendly Fenway! Let’s Play Two!

What could be sweeter than a new MLB mobile app as the new baseball season get underway? Nothing. David Stephenson explains.
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The Future Of The Internet, Part II

The Pew Research Internet Project released a report with some interesting findings about the future of the Internet and its benefits and challenges.
Industry 4.0: It’s All About The Customer. Well, Mostly.

Industry 4.0: It’s All About The Customer. Well, Mostly.

Industry 4.0 is all about the interconnections and processes that lead to a better understanding of and interaction with the customer. But that's not all.
Embracing The Internet Of Things

Embracing The Internet Of Things

Find out the three things you should do to determine the magnitude of the Internet of Things and to capitalize on it.
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What’s Next, Nolan? 10 Predictions For The Next 10 Years

Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari and author of "Finding the Next Steve Jobs", predicts for new ways we might live and work within the next 10 years.
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The Future Of The Internet

A couple weeks ago, the World Wide Web turned 25. To commemorate the occasion, the Pew Research Internet Project released a groundbreaking report.
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For The Future Of Manufacturing, M2M Is Only The Start

Machine-to-machine (M2M) networks promise to transform manufacturing. A growing proportion of industrial machinery and components now include electronic sensors that allow their operator to monitor machines and processes in real time. In fact, more than one-third of manufacturers in...
megatrends in how we work and live

Change How You Work, Live, And Communicate With These 6 Megatrends

Predictions. We all love to indulge in them, especially my mother and aunt. At the start of every new year, they would visit a psychic to find out what the future will bring. Will it be love? Money? A...
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The Networked Economy Means New Manufacturing Business Models

Machine-to-machine (M2M) networks are beginning to extend throughout manufacturing environments. Intelligent sensors, ubiquitous networks, and sophisticated data analytics have the potential to give companies the information they need to dramatically reduce costs and improve operations. But for many manufacturers,...
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