Three Easy Ways To Make Some Quick Cash Just By Sharing

Whether you’re looking to make a few bucks to spend on a casual summer vacation or looking to share buttonsave for a month-long European excursion, there are a few easy ways you can make some quick cash from things you already have laying around.

Thanks to the concept of the sharing economy and our ability to use networks to find what we need and share what we have, we can easily turn our idle goods into real income.

Here are a few sites/apps that will help you get paid, just for sharing.

1. Spinlister – Have a bike sitting in your garage? Have skis that you only use once a year? Why not rent them out when you’re not using them? The app, Spinlister, lets you list your bike, skis, or snowboard and rent your “ride” to someone in your area who might want to borrow it for a just few hours, or for a long weekend. Download the app, take a few snaps of your ride, add some details, and get listed. When someone finds your ride, you can accept the share and can make upwards of $18 for each daily rental. Note: Care rental sites/apsp like and, are gaining popularity, but they are geographically restricted right now. 

2. - Do you have a rental property, empty room, or even a spare bed? AirBnB is a popular sharing economy site where you can list a couch, room, or house to rent. Snap photos, create your listing with some details, and once the listing is approved, renters can find your space. Renters can search by destination and check in and out days, and then contact you if they are interested. AirBnB has been around for a few years, and thanks to their expertise and evolving model, they ensure the rentals and renters are credible, providing a layer of protection and making it a safer option than other sites such as Craig’s List.  

3. Poshmark and Tradesy – Most people have clothes, purses, and/or accessories that are gently used and no longer being worn. Instead of letting them take up precious closet space for the off chance that you just might use it again, download an app like Poshmark or Tradesy and create a closet to list your goods. Once you create an account, add some clothes or accessories – everything from dresses to baby clothes – and go live with the listings so others can find your duds. Shoppers can like your listings, comment, purchase, and/or make you a deal. Once you’re ready to sell, the seller taps away to complete their transaction and the app emails you a shipping label. You package up your goods, mail them off, and once the buyer accepts their goods, you get paid.

4. Amazon’s Textbook Buyback – Are you a recent grad who didn’t get to go to the bookstore and turn in your textbooks for some quick beer money? No worries – Amazon Textbook Buyback is an alternative that often gives a higher kickback. Go to Amazon, type in the ISN number, list your book at a competitive price, and wait for someone to purchase. Once it’s purchased, drop by your local post office with your package and your book is on its way to its new owner while your money is on its way to your pocket.

So the moral of the story is to make use of what you have and go ahead and share a little. Because sharing is caring…and it can make you some real cash.

If you’re using other sites to make some money, we want to hear about it. Please leave it in the comments below so we can check them out.