IT Redefines Business Evolution

Financial advisor talking to customer“New year. New you.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read or heard this phrase over the past few weeks as we’ve prepared to celebrate the start of a new year. As predictions and hopes for the future amass, we make resolutions to turn those expectations into reality. How long those resolutions actually last … well, that’s another story. It’s a natural cycle we all seem to go through year after year after year.

But when it comes to technology and the world of IT, there’s no cycle for us to circle around. Trends and events are happening in the marketplace so fast and furiously that business processes are now straight lines pointing steeply up.

As massive evolution and revolution occur in the marketplace, the role of IT is being transformed along with it. No longer solely a service provider, IT has now become a critical strategic enabler and trusted business adviser tasked with making tough decisions about the technology that will empower the enterprise.

The pressure is great, yes, but there’s no time to be a deer in headlights. Technological change is occurring rapidly, and you need to figure out how your enterprise will keep pace. You’ve probably already taken the first step and learned the “what” involved in this change – the mobile devices and apps, cloud services, Big Data analytics, and social technologies that shape the “third platform.” But the how aspect of this change proves to be a bit more challenging, which includes actually creating this technical foundation for the mobile, digital, and cloud applications that your business now requires to stay competitive.

“Help me help you”

Movie character Jerry Maguire understood the strategy behind customer centricity: To best serve your customers, your customers need to be an open book. Business users rely on IT to give them access to data that details everything they need to know about their customers so that they can ultimately deliver the most personalized experience possible. And they want that information not only instantly, but on any device they choose.

Before IT can help business users, however, it has to help itself. A trusted technology partner can lift some of the weight off IT’s shoulders and help to enable your organization to more easily adapt to market forces without creating big, disruptive changes. The right solutions can integrate your systems and bring together data transactions and analytics, which can help you to not only mobilize your workforce, but, in turn, also revolutionize the customer experience. A win-win? I think so.

Fight or flight

Let’s revisit this again: “New year. New you.” It’s actually the perfect phrase to describe IT right now, considering that IDC predicts the third platform will redefine 90% of IT’s roles over the next three to five years.

New IT organization roles around innovation are emerging. Those IT leaders who embrace this change and tap into the development and deployment of new innovations will win top positions in the marketplace.

To learn more about the predicted trends that will reshape the IT agenda, download the IDC white paper, IDC Predictions 2014: Battles for Dominance – and Survival – on the 3rd Platform.

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    “trusted business adviser tasked with” – advisor

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    Lots of fluff to this blog post with no value. Well done, fluff master.

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  • Chadwick Allison

    I am a 16 year vet of the IT world and a lot of us are tired of CTOs making decisions that are not going to work and they have a degree from some university so that makes them right. We are tired of making them millionaires and they continually threaten us with our jobs so I a agree there is a shift coming.
    It’s called a union. We are building one for IT professionals because we have had enough. We work twice as long, and know the technologyand they get paid for it.
    Enough is enough. If you won’t respect us respect this. No data networrk no enterprise.
    We have thé power, they don’t want us to know that. The world is relying on us not a CTO.

    More to follow

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