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  • 5 Trends That Will Dominate Mobile App Development In 2015
    5 Trends That Will Dominate Mobile App Development In 2015 by tejasjasani
    Published on December 03, 2014
    by Dhruv Malhotra As you know, 2015 is on its way to hit our calendars with more excitement and curiosity. Everyone is looking forward to see the new changes in the mobile industry. According to a series of research studies by the…
  • Top 5 CRM Apps for iPad
    Top 5 CRM Apps for iPad by SAP Guest
    Published on August 29, 2012
    From simple facts and figures, to comprehensive data management and transformation, CRM apps keep sales employees up-to-date while in the field. These are our top 5 picks. See the most important customer information at a glance, up-to-date,…

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Augmented Reality And Wearables: What The Experts Say

Cutting-edge technologies are increasingly integrating augmented reality features. Three experts share their visions of where augmented reality is headed.
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Mobile: Gartner Forecast For 2015

Hybrid architecture, choose your own device, and unhiding hidden costs and benefits of BYOD will be the mobile trends in 2015, forecasts Gartner.
Android Payment Apps Can Be Risky

Android Payment Apps Can Be Risky

Android's open system poses risks for customers who don't carefully check the source of their apps. Apple, with its closed ecosystem, is safer.
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10 Mobile Predictions For 2015

What's in store for us in the world of mobile in 2015? Here are some predictions – based on what was seen at CES 2015 – to help you prepare.
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2015: The Year Virtual Reality Will Get Real

Check out these technologies that are coming together for virtual reality to come to life – all of which are gaining momentum quickly.
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To App Or Not To App

Creating an app can be expensive. Before you talk to a developer, ask yourself these questions to figure out what you want the app to do and look.

6 Predictions For 2015

2014 was a monster year for mobile, and 2015 could be even bigger. Here are our six predictions for the year ahead in mobile.