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  • 3 Things You Wish You Knew Before BYOD
    3 Things You Wish You Knew Before BYOD by Christine Ekman
    Published on June 09, 2014
    Bring Your Own Device.  It sounded so simple and cheap back in 2009.  But, the importance of mobility has grown from email and calls, to dependence on corporate APPS and tablets to carry out daily tasks. Here are 3 things that have made…

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4 Apps That Could Change Your Life

4 Apps That Could Change Your Life

When it comes to giving us ways to improve our health, happiness, finances, and a slew of other aspects, Apple and its app store are winning.
Mobility In Business Is A Game Changer

Mobility In Business Is A Game Changer

Mobile technology alone doesn’t guarantee better results; it is only the agent for driving results. Kaan Turnali explains.
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Hearables And Energy Harvesting, Oh My!

There's a lot to get excited about connected devices. Here are four trends witnessed last week at the Wearable Technologies Conference.
Samsung Gear Live

What To (Android) Wear

From the sturdy LG G, to the sleek Samsung Gear Live, to the traditional Moto 360, here's the breakdown of the new smartwatch models you’ll want to wear.
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What Big Changes Does Android L Bring? [VIDEO]

Why is Google's new version of Android, Code named Android L, such a game changer? Find out here.
iOS 8

What’s New In iOS 8 For Web? [VIDEO]

This year’s WWDC was huge for iOS developers with things like Swift, Healthkit, HomeKit, and Extensions. Find out how these changes affect Web developers.
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How Do You Measure The Success Of Your Mobile BI Project?

Prove that your next mobile BI project is easy to implement and use, as well as cost-effective. Find out what you should measure and how.
Destinations Demystified: Traveling With The Cloud

Destinations Demystified: Traveling With The Cloud

The travel industry is made up of airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and a host of other organizations, and this network is changing due to the cloud.
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How Do Apple’s New SDKs Improve App Performance? [VIDEO]

Apple has created some significant opportunities for developers, and a big part of this is the new support for app performance testing.
team scores goal at world cup 2014

The World Cup Of Connected Tech [VIDEO]

Whether you’re on the field or spectating from miles away, there’s no escaping the impact of technology on this year’s World Cup.