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  • women check out iphone apps
    10 iPhone Apps Worth Checking Out by John Reiley
    Published on June 10, 2014
    There are thousands upon thousands of apps available for the iPhone, with hundreds more being released every day. Regardless of whether you are into games, business productivity, movies and entertainment, news and media, or other interests, there…
  • 3 Things You Wish You Knew Before BYOD
    3 Things You Wish You Knew Before BYOD by Christine Ekman
    Published on June 09, 2014
    Bring Your Own Device.  It sounded so simple and cheap back in 2009.  But, the importance of mobility has grown from email and calls, to dependence on corporate APPS and tablets to carry out daily tasks. Here are 3 things that have made…

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8 Proven Ideas To Stay Ahead In An Apps Store

8 Proven Ideas To Stay Ahead In An Apps Store

If you're offering an original idea that is useful and provides a brilliant user experience, your app may succeed with these marketing strategies.
Top 5 Reasons That Make Some Apps Sell So Well

Top 5 Reasons That Make Some Apps Sell So Well

Most successful apps get on top with a concerted effort and excellence in all fronts. Your app cannot be an exception.
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Should You Update Your App To Android L? [VIDEO]

Android Architect Brian Parent answers this week's top question, about whether to update your app now that Android L is out.

VIPER iOS Architecture Featured On iPhreaks [VIDEO]

iOS architects Conrad Stoll and Jeff Gilbert appeared on iPhreaks to discuss application architecture VIPER, a use-case centered architecture for iOS.
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Understanding The Importance Of Prototyping Apps

Prototypes have long represented an effective way to demonstrate what a product will look like before the final version is created and here's why.
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3 Tips For Maintaining Your Mobile Momentum

You’ve heard it often enough: Enterprise mobility can’t be achieved overnight. Here are three tips to keeping your mobile enterprise moving forward.

Web-Based Prototyping: The Fastest Path To Client Approval

Some are sophisticated enough to take a static comp. Others, however, require a little more. That's when you should consider web-based prototyping.
What's Your Mobile ROI?

What’s Your Mobile ROI?

Here are some basic principles that can be used to measure and track mobile ROI in today’s economy.