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  • connected car feature
    Car And Driver: How Technology Is Changing The Way We Get Around Town by Kara Glencross
    Published on February 09, 2015
    In the not too distant future, your journey to work may go something like this: As you leave your house, an empty car rolls up. Perhaps you’ve called for it, or maybe it’s a regularly scheduled pickup. On…
  • Windows 8
    Windows 8: Made for Business by
    Published on March 27, 2013
    Last year, Gotthard Tischner claimed that Windows 8 would oust Android. A member of the executive board of cundus, a BI consulting company and SAP partner, he still stands behind Microsoft’s mobile strategy. Gotthard Tischner, Cundus (Photo:…

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Thank The Teachers You Know

Thank The Teachers You Know

For most teachers, the care and compassion shown to students extends far beyond the boundaries of the classroom walls.
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Financial Services Customers Are Fed Up

According to Accenture, many financial services customers are ready to switch or quit their provider. How can financial service companies change that?
B/E Aerospace Soars With Leadership Programs For Its Future

B/E Aerospace Soars With Leadership Programs For Its Future

Here's how B/E Aerospace delivered a leadership development program that simplifies succession planning and supports employee engagement and retention.
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Defining The Fan Experience: Past, Present, And Future

The future of hockey and the fan experience is bright. Built on the legacy of the past and with a very exciting present, it’s something we can enjoy in a variety of ways.