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  • container ship
    What’s Next For The Steel Box That Changed The World? by John Ward
    Published on September 08, 2014
    It’s just a plain box made of corrugated steel, about 8 feet tall and 20 or 40 feet long. But the humble shipping container changed our world. How so? This simple box ushered in a new era of international trade. Containerization enabled
  • 6 Reasons Why The Jets Will Win The Super Bowl
    6 Reasons Why The Jets Will Win The Super Bowl by Jim Fields
    Published on August 13, 2014
    For a New York Jets fan the NFL preseason is when Hope Floats. Because once the season starts, Reality Bites. But this year promises to be different. Every summer I pore over the NYJ roster and analyze…

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Duck Season…Rabbit Season…

Duck Season…Rabbit Season…

Net metering has its fans and detractors. Here's some food for thought from guest writer and SGL Partners consultant Chris Kotting.
reggie jackson

The Night I Tugged On Mr. October’s Cape [VIDEO]

Jim Fields get a taste if what Reggie Jackson does best – busting chops and taking command of the mike. This really does make for must-see TV!
real-time analytics in sports

The Business of Sports: Real-Time Analytics Is a Game Changer

Real-time analytics are altering the business of sports, and you’d be surprised to hear that it's also impacting small businesses in all industries.
Lessons In Retailing

Lessons In Retailing

Competing on price is a game that physical stores will not win in the long run. They must provide an exceptional buying experience if they want to survive.
Game Plan Chicago: B2B Has To Think More Like B2C [VIDEO]

Game Plan Chicago: B2B Has To Think More Like B2C [VIDEO]

Jay Dettling, President at North American Services Organization for Acquity Group, discusses how customers are more than an order, and how B2B has to think more like B2C. All customers have to feel valued, but this is easier said...
green power

Want Green Power? Try Community Choice Aggregation

Community Choice Aggregation could add more clean renewables to the grid and accelerate and supplement existing renewable standards in every state.