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  • playstation 4 and Xbox one face off
    Why PlayStation 4 Is Selling Faster Than Xbox One by SAP Guest
    Published on January 27, 2014
    by Lee Clemmer, Media Analytics Lead, SAP Just before the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launched back in November, I took a look at social media data to see how the two next-generation consoles were stacking up to one another.  At the time, the PS4 was being…
  • Why Doesn’t Sprint Care About Customer Retention?
    Why Doesn’t Sprint Care About Customer Retention? by Daniel Newman
    Published on January 16, 2014
    I’m not sure how the heck we ended up with Sprint. As I tried to think back, I really couldn’t remember what drove the decision early on, nevertheless, around 5 years ago my wife…

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cloud outside office building window

Qnovate: Chemical Industry Game Changer In The Cloud

Frank Kochendoerfer, Qnovate VP of Strategic Industries, discusses why cloud computing is such an important asset to the business.
Baseball player sliding into base with baseman catching ball

What Really Matters This Baseball Season

As baseball fans everywhere begin making their predictions and get a taste of the newly formed rosters, see what everyone is saying about the game.
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The End Of Brick And Mortar Is Coming [INFOGRAPHIC]

Although certain malls continue to see success, nothing is going to prevent the Internet from becoming a bigger part of retail sales.
Are Digital Banks Losing Sight Of The Customer?

Are Digital Banks Losing Sight Of The Customer?

When we talk about the future of banking, we are focusing on the wrong thing. It shouldn't be about going digital. It should be about customer.