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    Making The Leap From IT Complexity To The Efficiency Of The Cloud by grantfraser
    Published on February 11, 2015
    I was recently asked about the biggest challenges facing small and midsize businesses today. My answer remains the same. The economy is challenging for many firms when it comes to capital, cash flow, margin and revenue. And, this will…
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    2015 Cloud Predictions: 4 Ways Cloud Will Transform Industries This Year by Susan Galer
    Published on January 30, 2015
    Anyone that’s ordered products from Amazon, a ride from Uber, or a night’s stay through Airbnb knows the joy of cloud computing. According to four industry experts on a recent SAP’s Coffee Break with Game-Changers Radio show, this transformation is coming to the B2B…

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The Benefits Of ERP In The Cloud

The Benefits Of ERP In The Cloud

Whether you’re considering a complete or hybrid cloud solution, here are some of the benefits of embracing some form of cloud ERP.
Top 3 SMB Strategies For Going To The Cloud

Top 3 SMB Strategies For Going To The Cloud

Are you moving your small business to the cloud? These 3 SMB strategies can help you avoid the most common pitfalls.
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7 Things Every Business Should Know About The Cloud

If your business has not yet adopted the cloud, you could be missing an opportunity to increase productivity. Here are 7 things you should know.
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How To Integrate Cloud, Mobile, And Big Data

As the cloud continues to change how business is done, companies must focus on careful integration of fixed, mobile, cloud, and business management systems.
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Off Of The Ground And Into The Cloud

Want to take a leap of faith and move your systems and processes to the cloud? First, consider these key benefits and challenges of transitioning.
cloud adoption in latin america

Latin American Business Soars In The Cloud

Cloud adoption is gaining traction especially fast in Latin America. Why? People in this region understand the cloud's benefits and want to invest in it.
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Cloud And The Revolutionization Of Business

The cloud doesn’t discriminate. It enables organizations of any size to innovate public, private, or hybrid; bare metal or managed; and on premise or off.