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  • Top 10 News/Blog Sites for Big Data
    Top 10 News/Blog Sites for Big Data by Jen Cohen Crompton
    Published on May 10, 2012
    As we continue to serve as a resource for business innovation information, we compiled a list of the Top 10 News/Blog sites featuring information about Big Data in addition to our Top 50 #BigData Twitter Influencers. These sources were…
  • Big Data
    Tom Davenport On Big Data, Part 2: What Comes Next by Eric Schoeniger
    Published on April 10, 2014
    Organizations that have begun using Big Data are now thinking about what comes next. Tom Davenport has done more thinking, speaking, and writing about Big Data than almost anyone. Davenport is the President’s Distinguished Professor of IT and Management at Babson…

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hadoop summit 2014

Hadoop Summit Amsterdam 2014: Crossing The Chasm [VIDEO]

Presenters at the Hadoop Summit said Hadoop 2.0 has helped the technology "cross the chasm", and predicted a big wave of production deployments this year.
Big Data

Tom Davenport On Big Data, Part 2: What Comes Next

Tom Davenport discusses how organizations can leverage Big Data to uncover new insights and drive new innovations.

Getting Value From Big Data To Court The Individual Consumer

When I was growing up, I loved the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. My favorite character was a plucky young girl named Veruca Salt, whose big moment came in the form of a musical number “I Want...
big data analytics

Capitalizing On Your Data: Real Results For Big Data

If you’re old enough to remember 1.44 megabyte floppy disks, here’s something to think about: experts predict the total amount of global data will reach 7.9 zettabytes by 2015. How many disks would you need to hold this amount...
Big Data

Why Small Brands Need Big Data

Did you know that 90% of the world’s data was generated in the past 2 years? Moreover, every minute on the internet there are more than 2,000,000 Google searches, 685,000 Facebook updates, 200 million sent emails and 48 hours...
homer simpson

Homer Simpson Taps Out On Big Data

When it comes to video games, is there such a thing as having too much fun? It’s a tricky question to answer, but one that Aaron Loeb, group GM of EA Mobile, was able to figure out thanks to...

Data Is “Everywhere”: Big Data Impacts The Entrepreneurship Landscape

I recently presented at the Cloud & Big Data Symposium hosted by the Global Indian Technology Professionals Association (GITPRO) within Washington DC area chapter. The first thing that one notices at conferences for technology entrepreneurs is the incredible energy...