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  • Data Scientist: Sexiest Job Of The Century?
    Data Scientist: Sexiest Job Of The Century? by SAP Guest
    Published on January 22, 2014
    by Judith Magyar, Strategic Communications Director, SAP Platform Solutions If there’s one thing that gives a job an indefinable allure, it’s that no one really knows exactly what you do, or how you do it; they just know you do…
  • data breach
    Leaked Snapchat Data Uncovers Surprising Patterns by SAP Guest
    Published on January 09, 2014
    by Lee Clemmer, Media Analytics Lead, SAP A new year, a new data leak. On New Year’s Eve an anonymous group or person leaked about 4.6 million Snapchat usernames along with the associated phone numbers, save for the last two digits. The leak…

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What Should Auditors Audit?

What Should Auditors Audit?

This is the path to success for the internal auditor: Moving from finding problems to enabling solutions. Norman Marks explains why.
GRC And Golf: Games Of Honor

GRC And Golf: Games Of Honor

The game’s code of honor means that even a hint of cheating or dishonesty can tarnish an individual. The same can be said for GRC, too.
Life Of Sports

Life Of Sports

The NFL’s Player Comparison Tool assists fantasy football players to gain a better advantage over their opponents.
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Summer May Be Over, But Football’s Just Begun

Grab your wings and beer, and settle into your comfy couch position. This upcoming NFL season will be unforgettable – and the proof is in the data.
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The Rise Of Warm Data

Everyone loves talking about Big Data. But what about building an edge with your customers by knowing more about them to deliver greater value?

An Aerospace Engineer’s Guide To Winning Tennis

Find out how an aerospace engineer managed to pinpoint the difference between a tennis match played by professionals and one played by amateur players.
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Dramatic Proof Non-Violence Trumps Armed Revolt

Isn’t there a better way to handle our conflicts? In fact, there is: non-violent protest – and we have the hard numbers to back it up.