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  • Data Scientist: Sexiest Job Of The Century?
    Data Scientist: Sexiest Job Of The Century? by SAP Guest
    Published on January 22, 2014
    by Judith Magyar, Strategic Communications Director, SAP Platform Solutions If there’s one thing that gives a job an indefinable allure, it’s that no one really knows exactly what you do, or how you do it; they just know you do…
  • skydivers form a circle
    Your BICC Is the Glue that Holds Business and Technology Together by Patricia Saporito
    Published on December 06, 2013
    As I described in my first blog in this series, a business intelligence competency center (BICC) is critical to the success of an organization’s analytics. They are chartered to align business-driven objectives with information, applications,…

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Data Innovators In Sports And Entertainment: Sqor, Inc.

Sqor CEO Brian Wilhite and CTO Noah Gift discuss how their company uses data on and off the field to further engage the athlete/fan relationship.
analytics reporting

How To Map Goals To Reports: Analytics In Action

Don’t skimp on the reporting end of analytics. That’s like your favorite team working hard to get to the World Series, then deciding to skip the game.
Why Speed Matters To GRC

Why Speed Matters To GRC

Speed in GRC changes everything. Why haven't we begun to imagine the possibilities, let alone exploit them?
6 Key Traits Of Successful Mobile BI Teams

6 Key Traits Of Successful Mobile BI Teams

Mobile BI teams are very similar to IT teams. If you study how they become successful, you‘ll quickly discover that they share many of the same traits.
How Data Drives Revenue

How Data Drives Revenue

Wonder what all this talk about Big Data is about? Is it for you? If you care about money, you should care about data.
5 Sure Ways To Improve Your Mobile BI Solutions

5 Sure Ways To Improve Your Mobile BI Solutions

Almost all mobile BI engagements use adoption as a key measurement of success. Find out what areas can help you determine which investments will succeed.
Agile Analytics Organization

5 Top Tips For Agile Analytics Organizations

Self-service analytics provide an opportunity to dramatically improve analytics and business agility. But, this requires new cultures and ways of working.