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6 Ways To Improve Your Candidate Experience [SLIDESHARE]

Long held up as a critical talent strategy, candidate experience still ranks low for all but the savviest consumer brands. If you really want to improve your candidate experience, here are six (relatively) easy ways to go about it:
IT skills gap

Brace For IT Skills Shortages [SLIDESHARE]

IT leaders in the US need to find additional – and more qualified – staff to deal with critical and increasingly complex technologies and functions. In our survey of IT leaders in both 2012 and 2013, security and…
independent contractor

Independent Contractors: Why You Need Them

There is little doubt that organizations need to engage independent contractors as part of a comprehensive talent supply chain strategy. As organizations look for ways to address and respond…
Reducing Litigation Costs With Project Management [SLIDESHARE]

Reducing Litigation Costs With Project Management [SLIDESHARE]

Facts and events are at the heart of every legal case, and in this day and age – especially on the enterprise level – managing these details is most definitely a science. Yet, there is an art to successful…
Understanding The IT Skills Gap [SLIDESHARE]

Understanding The IT Skills Gap [SLIDESHARE]

As an increasing number of business processes occur through digital channels, IT leaders need to ensure that they have the right people with the right skills in place…
managing indirect spend

Understanding The Long Tail

Most procurement managers will tell you that their main priority (and greatest challenge) is to reign-in tail spend (also known as indirect spend). But what exactly is indirect spend and how can it be targeted? Here’s a simple way to…
job in 2014

The Best Jobs For 2014 In The U.S.

Which professions are projected to lead the way in job creation in the U.S. in 2014 and for the next five years? Data from our Talent Market Analyst tool suggests that the strongest job growth in the coming years…
Attracting Fewer Job Applicants Is A Good Thing

Attracting Fewer Job Applicants Is A Good Thing

Most companies really don’t give a shrug about candidate experience. Yes, it’s a topic that’s been making the rounds of HR and recruiting conferences for five-plus years, but only the most sophisticated
Is It Possible To Deliver Better, Leaner Engineering Field Services?

Is It Possible To Deliver Better, Leaner Engineering Field Services?

Do you deploy technical field service talent for repairs, upgrades, installations, remediation, break-fixes or calibration of medical devices? If you do, you are no doubt managing increasing administration, compliance and regulatory requirements, alongside the need to find
manager accesses vendor management system

Understanding The Benefits Of Vendor Management Systems

Without an integrated solution to manage vendors, to track workers, and HR-related spending, organizations are ill-equipped to make the strategic decisions necessary to deploy contingent labor efficiently and safely. Many companies have significant difficulty assessing the amount of third-party…