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Stop Looking In The Mirror

Stop Looking In The Mirror

Successful companies are taking a much wider view of talent and their needs. When it comes to workforce planning, many companies are transfixed by the mirror….
skill of contingency employees

Contingent Workers Must Still Be Strategic

Short-term, temporary staffing solutions are often associated with lower skilled environments. In fact, it is a common mistake to see short- term solutions as being less ‘strategic’ in nature. When we apply this logic to workforce solutions, the…
talent supply chain analytics

It’s All About Data And Intelligence

Workforce planning by gut feel is a hallmark of many companies—but it’s also a relic of the past. Few companies can succeed without having the right people…

Job Growth Much Stronger Than Expected

The U.S. labor market appears to be hitting its stride midway through 2014, as employers added 288,000 workers to their payrolls during the month of June. Employment gains for May…
disengagement during a meeting

Confronting Disengagement In Financial Services

Employees across the Financial Services & Insurance sectors have seen a lot of career instability, dislocation and downsizing since the onset of the global financial crisis in 2008. While conditions have improved markedly since then, there still remains…
life science

Balancing Your Core And Non-Core Business

Ideally, science organizations would spend all of their time and energy on innovation and solving the world’s big, complex problems. They would deliver new solutions to market faster and with lower cost because their resources would all be focused…
workforce planning

When Should You Apply SWP?

In my last blogs we have been exploring the use of Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) as a tool for aligning business objectives with workforce capabilities. We know where…
paper resume

Paper Applications: Going, Going, Almost Gone

As you would expect, the popularity of hard copy resumes continues to wane. Only around one in ten applicants now sees this as the preferred way to apply for a role. What is perhaps surprising is that video…

Value Is More Than A Numbers Game

It is a steady climb for the vast majority of enterprises to achieve and sustain market relevance today. Satisfying customers and keeping them in productive relationships are now at the heart of every measure of corporate value. The…
53% of workers want to connect and converse

Connect And Converse

Workers want dialogue. In our latest survey of some 230,000 workers across the world, more than half say they are keen to stay…