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Tesla Ranks Number One In New Social Poll On Electric Cars

If you’re thinking about buying an electric car this year you’re not alone. Social chatter is rife with conversations about electric vehicles—good, bad, and mixed. The latest sentiment poll conducted by SAP Social Media Analytics by Netbase reveals…
Telecommuting Jobs Go Mainstream: Three Personality Traits For Success

Telecommuting Jobs Go Mainstream: Three Personality Traits For Success

I was recently invited to deliver a ExecSense webinar on managing remote workers which got me thinking about what it takes to work successfully from home. But I’ve also…
Brookshire Grocery Taps Learning Technology To Help Supercharge Highly Skilled Employees

Brookshire Grocery Taps Learning Technology To Help Supercharge Highly Skilled Employees

Imagine walking into an 85-year old company and finding out there was no established training and development program. This is the situation that Ginger McCullough faced five years ago at 
Google Driverless Car on the open road

Ready For Self-Driving Cars? New Social Media Poll Says “Yes”

Never have more people been so upbeat about something that hasn’t quite happened yet. Eighty percent of the social sentiment around driverless cars is unified around one resounding…

How MOOCS Are Disrupting Education

The beauty of every real business transformation is that we can’t know how it will change everything. Innovations like Facebook, Twitter, and the iPad have cascaded incredible changes across our lives in ways that no…
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SAP M-Prize Challenge: Finalists Aim To Turn Big Data Into Business Gold

What traits distinguish high-impact innovators from everyone else?  How does 21st century business management software super-charge innovation? What if people spent less time searching for information and more…
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Small Gems, Big Profits: Brazilian Artisans Market Goes Global

For savvy shoppers as well as gifted artisans, the Brazilian-based Solidarium online marketplace may well represent industry transformation at its best. It’s a great example of how online…
3 Steps To Boost Employee Engagement

3 Steps To Boost Employee Engagement

A few weeks ago at the 11th annual SAPInsider Human Resource (HR) 2014 Conference, I had the opportunity to speak with several HR experts on how high-performing companies are changing employee engagement with dramatic results. Here are highlights from…
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Share Economy Comes To Education: Notes From The MOOCs Experiment

When I first blogged about MOOCs about a year ago, they were causing significant consternation about the fate of education. This hasn’t stopped their exponential growth across
cloud explosion

Behind The Cloud Computing Explosion — 35 Million Ways To Accelerate Innovation

Most technology industry observers agree that cloud computing has gone mainstream. IDC predicts cloud expenditures will increase by 25 percent, sparking a dramatic increase in cloud data…