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The 5 C’s To Captivate Employees’ Hearts And Minds

Let’s face it work can be a drainer. It can vacuum-suck the joy and fun out of a day. The casualties are your…
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3 Overlooked Benefits Of Workplace Optimism

On the surface it’s easy to connect workplace optimism to happiness, satisfaction, teamwork or other positive workplace attributes. Let us, however, not confuse such attributes like happiness, satisfaction or teamwork as workplace optimism. These are merely outcomes because of…
shifting management focus

Shifting Management Focus To What Matters

Where we focus our attention as managers has been on outcomes: profits, efficiencies, deadlines, quality, ROI, and so on. These are all important business results important to…
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12 Habits Of Motivational Leaders

Apathy is the opposite of motivation. When apathy hooks itself into our belief system a lack of enthusiasm and interest dominate. Indifference suffocates action. Motivation, however, is a catalyst for action, marked with enthusiasm and interest.
Growth From Within: 7 Ways To Compete On Employee Talent

Growth From Within: 7 Ways To Compete On Employee Talent

Does your business compete primarily on product and price? That kind of old-school strategy may win you customers in the near term. However, competing on price or product is…
heart of conversation style

3 Underused Tactics To Better Communicate

She remained calm despite my prickly reply to her comment. She moved forward again explaining what her intentions were for our phone meeting. Not once was there…
Essentials For Doing Work That Matters

Essentials For Doing Work That Matters

What do you want from life? How do you want your career, your body of work, to be remembered? What is your mission in this world? These are big questions…
motivate and inspire employees

3 Key Ways To Motivate And Inspire Employees

Abraham Maslow famously positioned the hierarchy of needs as an early motivation theory that drives human behavior. Though we’ve come to know that each level on the hierarchy doesn’t need
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7 Culture Elements For Doing Work That Matters

That sucking sound you hear is that of hearts and souls being drained of life as employees arrive to work. It’s been this way for sometime:…
David Burkus

Understanding The Myths Of Creativity With David Burkus [VIDEO]

You are more creative than you give yourself credit. We’ve told ourselves stories about what it means and takes to be creative. Unfortunately such stories adversely influence innovation or simply…