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internet of things

Internet Of Things: Have We Come Full Circle?

Back in the 2000 Dot Com boom, stories about how the Internet was going to change the world dominated news headline. Fast forward to 2014 and we may have a replay.
hot air balloon heading towards grey skies

The Only Certainty Is Disruption

Remember the saying, “The only things that are certain are death and taxes”? Let’s add the word “disruption” to that quote. Every day, we see…
digital marketing

Top Trends In Digital Marketing [VIDEO]

From wearables and Big Data to personalization and multichannel – the digital economy is transforming business and our everyday lives. Innovations in technology enable new business models…

Powering Up For 2050: Energy Companies Transform With Mobile Solutions [VIDEO]

Futurologists predict by 2050 giant, transcontinental grids will seamlessly and efficiently provide most of the world’s energy needs. Sound farfetched? Three things will help make it happen. The need for clean, cost-effective energy will lead to more regulation. Advances…
connected world

Living In A Connected World

Every major technological revolution has profoundly changed the way we live and the way we conduct business even if we don’t always realize it at the time. The Internet has…

Industry 4.0: What Ants Can Tell Us About Logistics

Just as the ants have their own communications, researchers say we will need standardized platforms that connect freight forwarders with shipping companies, if we are ever to reach Industry 4.0. When…
store shelf

How Top Consumer Products Companies Use Real-Time Insights To Improve Retail Execution

“Win at the shelf!” is the rallying cry of today’s consumer products companies – and for good reason. Engaging in-store experiences at the store-shelf level attract more consumers and…
china and workforce 2020

Oxford Economics Study Reveals Looming Talent Crisis In China: 6 Gaps To Close By 2020

As economies slowly rebound around the world, the latest research findings from Oxford Economics point to significant gaps between what it takes to engage top talent and what companies actually offer. The worldwide survey, which was supported by
workforce 2020

Top 10 Strategic Workforce Trends For 2020 From Oxford Economics

According to the latest findings from an Oxford Economics study entitled “Workforce 2020,” what HR organizations have in place today won’t drive success in the future. Based…
women in leadership

Scoot Over, Men: Making Room For Women In Technology, Sports, And Politics

The gender gap is one of technology’s most deep-rooted challenges. Only three percent of tech start-ups are founded by women. The percentage of female computer science majors peaked 30 years ago – five years…