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danish state railways

No End To The Innovation Race

The CIO of Danish State Railways reveals the secret to modernization. “There is no finish line in the innovation race,” said Bill McDermott at the recent Innovation Forum in Copenhagen….
cebit show floor

3 Lessons In Digital Transformation

In my role as CMO, I often find myself lucky to have the opportunities to interact with lots of smart people around the world who bring our software to…
martini set

Telco Transformation: An Industry Shaken, Not Stirred

Search on the phrase “the world is rapidly changing” and you’ll get nearly 42 million hits on Google in .74 seconds. Obviously, the concept of a changing world is not…
internet of things

The Internet of Things With Obstacles

Greater efficiency and productivity, increased throughput in production, less machine downtime:Everyone is raving about the Internet of Things (IoT). However, we aren’t quite there yet. Thirty percent…
mohawk flooring

From Tweet To Sale In Two Minutes With The World’s Largest Flooring Company [VIDEO]

Surprisingly, many retail business owners still don’t view someone online as a “real customer.” But the stats tell the true story. While brick and mortar retail is still an enormous market (US$4 trillion), social media has developed into…
omnichannel strategies

Omnichannel – Driving Sales Across All Channels

Many consumers like to browse online before they buy. Some go straight to their smartphone, others enjoy visiting a store. Because consumers’ shopping behavior is so varied, omnichannel is currently the…
health wearable

Health Wearables: Just Hype Or Revolutionary For Patients?

Sixty percent of Americans are tracking and sharing the most intimate details of their bodies — think: weight, diet, exercise — using devices such as wristbands, watches, Google Glass and contact lenses. The United States Federal…
skills of a data scientist

Data Scientists: Making Sense Of Big Data

Currently, the data scientist has one key priority: explain the applications and benefits of Big Data to the enterprise. This article contains insights from an HR consultant, an analyst, and a researcher on the challenge of grasping the fundamentals…

Is It Time To Rename The Cable Industry?

Have you noticed that the cable industry is changing? Last summer, for example, the Leichtman Research Group reported that the top U.S. cable providers now have more broadband subscribers than…
road to 2015

Procurement 2015: The Evolution Continues

Welcome to the Virtual Enterprise, and a new era for procurement. Procurement is evolving from service to a function. Here are six predictions for this transformation in 2015. Business is…