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soccer goal

The Small Business Coach: Score Company Goals In 2015

When I think of a new year, I automatically think of a soccer season. Forget the January blues, the transfer window is open and it’s actually a really exciting…
small business owner used the cloud

IDC: Small Businesses Find New Secret Growth Weapon In Cloud

According to findings from research firm IDC, small businesses using cloud computing are 1.7 times more likely to have over 10 percent revenue…
mobile gartner forecast

Mobile: Gartner Forecast For 2015

Hybrid architecture, choose your own device, and unhiding the hidden costs and benefits of bring your own device will be the mobile trends in 2015, forecasts Gartner. The BlackBerry cell…
world economic forum in davos

Is Unpredictability The New Norm?

The agenda for this week’s meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos was already packed with items of critical interest to business leaders including a discussion of the technological, demographic and economic forces transforming industries and…
russian mountains

In 2015, Cloud Computing Trends Higher In Developing Countries

Since predictions are the thing to do when a new year begins, here is the most anticipated trend of 2015 that is expected to empower businesses. Forrester forecasts that cloud will become a major motivator in 2015…
green pasture

Digital Transformation: Top 10 Changes Through 2017

To navigate through the emerging IT landscape, chief information officers will need to completely reinvent themselves and their roles. If they don’t, they risk being supplanted by chief digital officers. This article looks at IDC’s predictions for the coming…
bank of the future

The Bank Of The Future Is In Retail With Omnichannel Mobile Payment

The bank of the future may well be as close as your local retailer. With hundreds of convenient physical outlets, retailers are in constant touch with consumers…
anti-collision technology

Planes, Cranes, And Automobiles: How Anti-Collision Software Will Keep Them Safe [VIDEO]

Anti-collision technology may be the biggest technology that enters its own during 2015 – in cars, at least. It’s got a ways to go in different spaces, but it’s already saving lives in others.
offshore windmills

Need Help Fixing A Windmill? [VIDEO]

Offshore wind farms have hundreds of windmills in remote locations mostly out in the middle of the ocean. Have you ever wondered how they do maintenance on those turbines that are 100 meters up in the air? Thanks to