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women in leadership

Scoot Over, Men: Making Room For Women In Technology, Sports, And Politics

The gender gap is one of technology’s most deep-rooted challenges. Only three percent of tech start-ups are founded by women. The percentage of female computer science majors peaked 30 years ago – five years…
man with a mobile phone

Going Mobile: The Importance Of Mobility To Companies [VIDEO]

Together with cloud computing, Big Data analytics and social, mobility is one of the most disruptive and fast moving business IT trends that is changing the way financial services firms, retailers, content providers and others interact with their customers.
manager of the future

The Manager Of The Future

Almost two-thirds of CEOs support digital initiatives; a third of top managers assume that they account for at least 15 percent of revenues; one in four managers believes they will be responsible for Big Data, digital innovations, and…

Student Metrics Have Final Say In MOOCs Debate

The polemic around MOOCs (massive open online courses) has largely died down as metrics replace opinions. The good news is there’s no dearth of opportunities to measure the efficacy…

The CFO Quest For The Golden Source Of Data

CFOs are now leading the charge for digital transformation and the quest for the golden source of data. SAP’s CFO expert Kai Finck, an advocate of forward-looking business management, confirms the survey findings of German consultancy BearingPoint. Three out of…

Oil And Water Do Mix When It Comes To Saving Lives

Water equals life. It’s really that simple. Yet according to the WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme, 768 million people in the world lack access to an…
treasury networked economy

Managing Cash In A Networked Economy

As more and more trading partners leverage business networks to manage invoices and payments, a term has emerged to describe the phenomenon: “the networked economy.” In most cases, discussions…
the rabbit hole

Did “Alice In Wonderland” Foreshadow The Cloud?

Like Alice’s fleeting childhood, the legacy hardware and software that companies around the globe have used to run their businesses are invariably going to fade into distant memory. Thanks to the proliferation of smart phones and tablets, today’s employees require…
thomson reuters

3 Tips For Maintaining Your Mobile Momentum

You’ve heard it often enough: Enterprise mobility can’t be achieved overnight. However, it’s not until you’re knee-deep in the multitude of considerations – from what devices to support to evaluating infrastructure ramifications – that this new IT reality truly…
mobile banking

The Battle Over Mobile Banking

One of the latest weapons in this battle is mobile payments in the form of mobile wallets and mobile NFC payments. The key players vying for a piece of…