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road to 2015

Procurement 2015: The Evolution Continues

Welcome to the Virtual Enterprise, and a new era for procurement. Procurement is evolving from service to a function. Here are six predictions for this transformation in 2015. Business is…
augmented reality

How Will Augmented Reality Transform Your Job? [VIDEO]

Even if you do not anticipate purchasing the Apple Watch or Google Glass anytime soon, someone may already have you shortlisted to step into the world of augmented reality (AR) and wearables. Who? Your boss. While makers of new wearable technologies…
orthopedic surgeon reviews real-time data

Using Real-Time Data For Real-Life Healthcare Choices [VIDEO]

The popularity of knee and hip replacement surgeries is growing quickly in the U.S., The Washington Post noted last month. Total knee replacement is the…
electronic payments

7 Reasons Why Electronic Payments Make Good Business Sense

Organizations looking to better compete in a networked economy are paying more attention to electronic payments. According to research from Ardent Partners, nearly 60% of all business payments today are electronic….
creative confidence

How Creative Confidence Drives Innovation

Think about your organization for a moment and consider these two questions: How good is your organization at execution? How prepared do you feel your organization is to drive innovation? If you’re like most people I pose these questions to, your…
smart glasses

Smart Glasses And Mobile Technologies In Journalism

Drones, smart glasses, and other wearables: How are new technologies enriching our experience of journalism? Society’s trend toward digitalization is increasingly influencing media coverage. New technologies create novel communication channels…

Wearables: Your New BFF?

It seems as if anything can and might be turned into a wearable. Google Glass is just the beginning. How about smart ear plugs that play your favorite music, alert you…

Will Microsoft HoloLens Bring Virtual Reality To The Workplace? [VIDEO]

If we’re to believe the hype surrounding the Microsoft HoloLens, virtual reality may soon be integrated into our daily work routine. For the uninitiated, the HoloLens is a virtual reality…
dashboard of a car

IDC Trends 2015: How The Internet Of Things Is Progressing

A three-year forecast for trends related to the Internet of Things (IoT) says cloud is the platform of choice for integrating data from machines and IT systems. Also: New security risks will emerge, and wearables will gradually replace smartphones.
truckers on the road

Technology Brings Big Changes For Today’s Cowboys Of The Road

It’s about 450 miles between Fort Worth, Texas and Abilene, Kansas – 450 miles of highway running through the very heartland of America. In the late 19th century, cowboys drove…