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Hey Siri, Can We Talk … To Our Apps?

Last June, Apple surprised developers at WWDC with announcement after announcement of new tools, new APIs, and even a new language. However when all was said and done, the one last trick developers were waiting for remained in Apple’s…
The First Wave Of WatchKit: 3 Developers Discuss Their Apple Watch Plans

The First Wave Of WatchKit: 3 Developers Discuss Their Apple Watch Plans

It came out a little early to be considered a holiday gift, but if it had been, app developers might be approaching Apple about exchanging the first version of the WatchKit SDK for something that would let them make…

How To Make Your Hackathon Not Suck

Hackathons have been a key part of developer culture. Software-focused companies leverage them often to help employees blow off steam, socialize and generate ideas – for fun and profit.Take Facebook’s perspective…
The Future Of Payments Rests On Open Point Of Sale Systems

The Future Of Payments Rests On Open Point Of Sale Systems

When the iPhone and iOS launched in 2007, Apple initially didn’t provide support for third party developers. But not long after, Apple released its first developer SDK in early 2008….
Microsoft Band

My Weekend With The Microsoft Band

When I first heard about the Microsoft Band (which happened to be at 10pm during the bottom of the 9th of Game 7 of the World Series), I was…
apple watchkit

WatchKit: It’s Only The Beginning

Back in September, Apple finally unveiled their next major hardware platform, the Apple Watch. The first question developers asked was “How do I write apps for this thing?” Today, Apple finally revealed their initial plans for third-party developers. Over…
google inbox

Google Inbox Makes E-Mail Not Suck

If you are anything like me, you hate email with a passion. So when Google announced Inbox, it was only natural that most people who share my feelings flocked to…
apple watch

Apple Watch Apps We Want To Write

Whenever a new computing platform is announced, developers’ thoughts quickly turn to what great new apps they can write for the hardware. The Apple Watch is no exception. A new…
wearable things

Things We Learned At The Wearables + Things Conference

Washington DC recently played host to the first Wearables + Things conference. It featured a cross-section of product vendors, software and hardware engineers, and aspiring technologists, all with a…
Algorithms: The Next Wearable Tech Frontier

Algorithms: The Next Wearable Tech Frontier

Ask any tech-minded individual to name the biggest industry trend right now, and you’re sure to hear wearables more than a few times. Two years ago, wearables were still a relatively