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connected home

Mutual Mobile Hacks The Connected Home [VIDEO]

The entertainment industry has been tempting us with the dream of connected homes since before The Jetsons first aired in 1962, and although we don’t have teeth-brushing robots or meal-preparing tables just yet, the tech industry is making…
Keeping Payments Information Safe Just Got Personal

Keeping Payments Information Safe Just Got Personal

Two is better than one, especially when it comes to protecting a consumer’s identity. Multi-factor authentication, which is often something you have, like a token or card, and something you…
blend day

Blend Day At Mutual Mobile

Blend Day is a special time when we ask our employees to put aside their day-to-day assignments, get to know their colleagues a little better, and tackle some problems in need of creative solutions. Everyone from coders to the…

VIPER iOS Architecture Featured On iPhreaks [VIDEO]

iOS architects Conrad Stoll and Jeff Gilbert recently appeared on iPhreaks to discuss application architecture VIPER, a use-case centered architecture for iOS based on Uncle Bob’s clean architecture. Using MVC as an application architecture can guide…
world of ibeacons

iBeacons: Lessons Learned [VIDEO]

We’ve been experimenting with iBeacons a lot at Mutual Mobile. We’ve done a few prototype projects (some of which found its way into client work), had endless conversations with iOS devs in and outside of our organization, and…

Before You Prototype A Tech Product, Ask These 5 Questions

No one wants to be behind the curve, especially in regards to technology. All too often we see brands jump on a tech trend just to do it. We’ve seen…
man with wearables

Welcome Back From Wearables DevCon

If there’s one thing Mutual Mobile loves, it’s wearables. From Fitbits on our wrists to Whistles on our
Mobile Minute: How Beacons Signal Big Changes [VIDEO]

Mobile Minute: How Beacons Signal Big Changes [VIDEO]

From revolutionizing brick-and-mortar shopping, to making public transit easier to use — tiny beacons pack a big punch. Companies like Estimote and Roximity are producing these devices that use Bluetooth Low Energy to send information to your smartphone. Unlike NFC…
eye representing 2014 predictions

2014 Predictions: A Tech Odyssey

If 2013 has taught us anything, it’s that ideas, products and solutions can move from niche to mainstream practically overnight. With the successful launch of…
Mobile Minute: How Wearables Are Changing Healthcare

Mobile Minute: How Wearables Are Changing Healthcare

The Mutual Mobile team attended this year’s Wearable Technologies Conference, where we saw the latest innovations. What got us most excited for their potential? Wearables…