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iOS 8

iOS 8 Is (Going To Be) Great [VIDEO]

Although iOS 8 is still in what the restaurant industry would call its “soft opening,” bloggers have been quick to point out every flaw in their mobile experience. Fortunately…
tech talent

How To Keep Your Tech Talent Happy

Keeping talent happy and engaged is a challenge for all companies, but when it comes to tech companies, the challenge is even greater. Most of your key employees find…
The Car Of The Future Doesn’t Fly; It Fixes Your Flat

The Car Of The Future Doesn’t Fly; It Fixes Your Flat

We have, once again, been led astray by Hollywood. Back to the Future filled our heads with visions of soaring Deloreans, but in reality, the automobile industry has some pretty glaring flaws…
iphone 6

Mutual Mobile Sizes Up The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

You know those people who sacrifice their sleep and sanity to be one of the first to wrap their fingers around a shiny new Apple product? Mutual Mobile is full of them. Want proof?

Meet VIPER: Application Of Clean Architecture For iOS Apps

At Mutual Mobile we believe that testing is part of building great software. However, testing has not always been a key part of building iOS apps. As we embarked on…
code wall

HomeKit, Thread Bring App Dev To The Center Of Smart Home Success

Home automation has long been a hallmark of futuristic sci-fi movies and cartoons, but anyone with a garage-door opener intrinsically understands the lure of controlling your home with the push
connected home

Mutual Mobile Hacks The Connected Home [VIDEO]

The entertainment industry has been tempting us with the dream of connected homes since before The Jetsons first aired in 1962, and although we don’t have teeth-brushing robots or meal-preparing tables just yet, the tech industry is making…
Keeping Payments Information Safe Just Got Personal

Keeping Payments Information Safe Just Got Personal

Two is better than one, especially when it comes to protecting a consumer’s identity. Multi-factor authentication, which is often something you have, like a token or card, and something you…
blend day

Blend Day At Mutual Mobile

Blend Day is a special time when we ask our employees to put aside their day-to-day assignments, get to know their colleagues a little better, and tackle some problems in need of creative solutions. Everyone from coders to the…

VIPER iOS Architecture Featured On iPhreaks [VIDEO]

iOS architects Conrad Stoll and Jeff Gilbert recently appeared on iPhreaks to discuss application architecture VIPER, a use-case centered architecture for iOS based on Uncle Bob’s clean architecture. Using MVC as an application architecture can guide…