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apple watchkit

WatchKit: It’s Only The Beginning

Back in September, Apple finally unveiled their next major hardware platform, the Apple Watch. The first question developers asked was “How do I write apps for this thing?” Today, Apple finally revealed their initial plans for third-party developers. Over…
google inbox

Google Inbox Makes E-Mail Not Suck

If you are anything like me, you hate email with a passion. So when Google announced Inbox, it was only natural that most people who share my feelings flocked to…
apple watch

Apple Watch Apps We Want To Write

Whenever a new computing platform is announced, developers’ thoughts quickly turn to what great new apps they can write for the hardware. The Apple Watch is no exception. A new…
wearable things

Things We Learned At The Wearables + Things Conference

Washington DC recently played host to the first Wearables + Things conference. It featured a cross-section of product vendors, software and hardware engineers, and aspiring technologists, all with a…
Algorithms: The Next Wearable Tech Frontier

Algorithms: The Next Wearable Tech Frontier

Ask any tech-minded individual to name the biggest industry trend right now, and you’re sure to hear wearables more than a few times. Two years ago, wearables were still a relatively
digital economy

Apple Pay: Now Or Never For Mobile Payments?

Since 2010 it has been rumored that Apple would include Near Field Communication technology in the iPhone in order to support an integrated mobile payments experience for customers, but…
Wearable Fatigue? Stick It In Your Ear

Wearable Fatigue? Stick It In Your Ear

Wearable devices, in particular activity trackers — i.e. glorified pedometers — have skyrocketed wearable technology to the mainstream. Companies left and right are hopping on the wearables…
iOS 8

iOS 8 Is (Going To Be) Great [VIDEO]

Although iOS 8 is still in what the restaurant industry would call its “soft opening,” bloggers have been quick to point out every flaw in their mobile experience. Fortunately…
tech talent

How To Keep Your Tech Talent Happy

Keeping talent happy and engaged is a challenge for all companies, but when it comes to tech companies, the challenge is even greater. Most of your key employees find…
The Car Of The Future Doesn’t Fly; It Fixes Your Flat

The Car Of The Future Doesn’t Fly; It Fixes Your Flat

We have, once again, been led astray by Hollywood. Back to the Future filled our heads with visions of soaring Deloreans, but in reality, the automobile industry has some pretty glaring flaws…