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woman recruiting in-demand talent

Recruiting In-Demand Talent Is About Relationships And Trust

Assumptions and expectations change with time and technology. We all know the If you build it they will come principle; an essential tenet of innovation that’s…
passive recruiting

Passive Recruiting Encourages Relationships And Conversation

Passive recruiting is like the more mysterious sibling of active recruiting. Different from traditional recruiting, passive recruiting involves targeting people who don’t have a strong desire to be recruited. HR professionals and leaders are often unaware how it can…
Is Your Company Ready For Email Collaboration?

Is Your Company Ready For Email Collaboration?

Are mobile and email holding us back? I’m beginning to think so. In the department of “What Happens Next In The World of Work,” they’re what has to happen: We need to have seriously better ways of communicating both…
employer reputation

Where To Start With Employee Engagement? Value People

Is there a gap between your brand and your company culture? Answer: Hopefully not. There certainly shouldn’t be. A company culture that’s authentic and real will radiate through your…
Spock: The Ultimate Chief Culture Officer

Spock: The Ultimate Chief Culture Officer

RIP Leonard Nimoy, the actor who brought Star Trek’s Spock to life. Nimoy’s characterization of the Vulcan-human hybrid turned him into the moral compass of the Enterprise — and the enterprise. Despite his internal conflicts, Spock was the invaluable…
team creates vision

6 Ways Vision Will Inspire Your Employees And Culture

Even as kids, we developed radar on leadership. Consider the classic schoolyard game, Follow the Leader. Everyone has to do exactly what the leader does, or they’re out. Growing…
future of work

Managing The Reinvention Of Work: Social, Mobile, Analytics, And Cloud

I’m here in Viva Las Vegas taking part in the IBM InterConnect #IBMinterconnect conference. It has got me thinking about how mobile and the cloud are transforming talent management and
Employee Engagement 101: Does Your Culture Value Humans?

Employee Engagement 101: Does Your Culture Value Humans?

What’s the distance between your company culture and your brand? Answer: There shouldn’t be any. A company culture that’s authentic and deep will translate through the employer brand, conveying the same tone, the same mission, the same values to…
doll version of shakespeare

May Thine Own Personal Brand Be True (To You)

What do you think about the term “personal brand”? If you’re like most of us, all the brand this, brand that, brand yourself talk is beyond tired — it’s…

Is Your Brand Telling Meaningful Stories?

Authentic storytelling in the workplace (and outside of it in social media channels) is an amazing way to impact talent strategies. It’s part science: apparently, we respond to storytelling with a…