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6 Ways Vision Will Inspire Your Employees And Culture

Even as kids, we developed radar on leadership. Consider the classic schoolyard game, Follow the Leader. Everyone has to do exactly what the leader does, or they’re out. Growing…
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Managing The Reinvention Of Work: Social, Mobile, Analytics, And Cloud

I’m here in Viva Las Vegas taking part in the IBM InterConnect #IBMinterconnect conference. It has got me thinking about how mobile and the cloud are transforming talent management and
Employee Engagement 101: Does Your Culture Value Humans?

Employee Engagement 101: Does Your Culture Value Humans?

What’s the distance between your company culture and your brand? Answer: There shouldn’t be any. A company culture that’s authentic and deep will translate through the employer brand, conveying the same tone, the same mission, the same values to…
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May Thine Own Personal Brand Be True (To You)

What do you think about the term “personal brand”? If you’re like most of us, all the brand this, brand that, brand yourself talk is beyond tired — it’s…

Is Your Brand Telling Meaningful Stories?

Authentic storytelling in the workplace (and outside of it in social media channels) is an amazing way to impact talent strategies. It’s part science: apparently, we respond to storytelling with a…
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Talent Analytics Key To Unlocking Big Data’s Power

Here’s a fact I find fascinating: research from IBM shows that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone. The…
Left Brain, Right Brain: Does HR Have A Split Personality?

Left Brain, Right Brain: Does HR Have A Split Personality?

Imagine a big desk. It’s loaded with two huge stacks of work, one on the left side, one on the right….
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Lead With Love And You’ll Love The Results

Valentine’s Day is in less than a month. I know, right? But love is already in the air. The problem is: it’s not in the air, or…

It’s Time To Get Real: Humanize Your Brand

These days, brands are doing everything they can to position products and services. This includes trying to appeal to customers at a human level. A great example is brands’ efforts with…
The Future Of Work Is Boundaryless

The Future Of Work Is Boundaryless

Here we are enmeshed in the World of Work in 2015. Among the many facets of this new way of working: a not-always smooth shift from officemates to virtually connected…