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douglas adams

Douglas Adams’ Technology Rules

We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works. This is a fantastic quote from Douglas Adams, best known as the author of The Hitchhiker’s…
the ying-yang relationship of complicated and complex

Is Complex Better Than Complicated?

Unless you have a software background, you’ve probably never heard of longtime Python coder Tim Peters. In Zen of Python, he suggests 20 design principles including: Simple is better than complex.
four oxen and the lion

Four Oxen And The Lion

During my career I’ve often used animal stories to help illustrate specific points, reinforce behaviors, or to provide colorful rallying cries. Whether it’s elephants, monkeys, or camels, stories about…
half-life of facts

Do Facts Have A Half-Life?

Having been in the technology industry for the last 25 years, I’ve felt the need to be constantly learning just to stay current. When I was a developer, it…
Streaming highway traffic representing the speed of in-memory computing

For Networks, Bigger Is Not Always Better

Practically everyone has a machine-to-machine Internet of Things story they like to tell. It might be refrigerators automatically reordering milk, cows that send texts to farmers when they’re in heat, or understanding the demand for ice cream in real-time. We…

Fantastic Failures From Famous Folk

As a way of encouraging my team to take more risks, I’ve been espousing the philosophy “Failure is the new black” and have been cataloging quotes on failure from famous people. But…
leadership lesson from retired four-star general Stanley McChrystal

McChrystal On Leadership

Seven years ago (!) I wrote a blog titled Management by Marching Around which suggested that traditional command and control leadership no longer worked…
customer experience

Five Steps To Walking The Customer Experience Talk

Companies want to deliver an incredible customer experience.They also want to turn a profit, increase market share, and engage their employees. If those goals don’t seem surprising, it’s because they…
Have No Fear, Triskaidekaphobia Is Here

Have No Fear, Triskaidekaphobia Is Here

This weekend I had a chance to look ahead in my calendar and noticed I have an event scheduled on Friday June 13. In my family, the number 13 is considered lucky so…
bad habit cycle

Breaking Bad Habits [VIDEO]

I recently decided to reduce my sugar intake but, disappointingly, I just ate the bowl of ice cream they offered me on my flight. I hadn’t planned to eat it but said yes without really thinking about it. Ice…