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Ominous Warnings Vs. Helpful Problem Solving

Just before Christmas, the Mallon family welcomed its latest edition: a wee bundle of fur called Marnie. (Yes, that Marnie.) Sadly, Marnie isn’t mine, but my parents. But she’s still a…
4th Screen + Big Screen

4th Screen + Big Screen

Warning: This post contains light spoilers for Gravity and Sleuth. Post Mobile World Congress, I managed to take a few days’ vacation to recover. After laundry, Spring cleaning, and doing my best to make a dent in the…
tablets representing enterprise mobility

The Word From MWC

I’m fresh back from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and since I posted an infographic before I went, I’d like to bookend the event with another. For the past four years, we’ve conducted a survey of…
Predicting The Future (Of Drinking)

Predicting The Future (Of Drinking)

The current storms battering the UK have done some minor damage outside London Bridge station, including blowing years’ worth of adverts off a billboard, revealing this treasure: No, not an advert…
mobile consumer

The Connected Future [INFOGRAPHIC]

In the next 12-18 months, almost 50% of organization will invest in mobile devices, mobile apps, and mobile device management. Almost half. In 18 months. That’s bigger than a trend. That’s a sea change. In preparation for Mobile…
man checks fraud alert on smartphone

Beating Fraud With SMS

I’m just back from a trip to the States, as my last few blogs might have hinted. One of the last things I do before…
Navigating Hotel Rooms

Navigating Hotel Rooms

One thing I dread when traveling, like anyone staying at the Bates Motel, is the shower. Picture this: you wake up jet lagged, with no idea where you are in the world….
Parking-Ticket-Avoidance Tourism

Parking-Ticket-Avoidance Tourism

The parking ticket is a scourge of modern times. I’ve successfully avoided them at home. Not so much when I’m traveling. Now, sometimes it is because the signage is…

SMS To The Rescue (In More Ways Than You Think) [VIDEO]

I love SMS for its elegant, infinitely useful simplicity. I’ve rounded up ways different companies have used it to their advantage here and here, and I’m about to do it again. The Swedish program SMSlivräddare (or…
clouds of a variety of shapes and sizes

Not All Clouds Are Created Equal

I’ve gone on and on about my love of clouds. I love how my iPhone syncs with Aperture, keeping…