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Christopher Koch is an Editorial Director at SAP and blogs about technology and business. Follow him on Twitter: @ckochster.

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iroquois flag

Why Can’t Companies Be More Like The Iroquois?

If ever there was a cooperative organization that had less reason to endure until today, it is the Iroquois League. First formed sometime between the 15th and 16th centuries, it brought together five distinct
the company that never says no to customers

The Company That Never Says “No” To Customers

Imagine you ran a company that lets customers specify whatever they want in your products – including using their own materials. You’re probably thinking that the company has…
angry mob

4 Ways Companies Can Invest In Sustainability At A Profit

I will never forget the fateful day that I read an article about “environmentally responsible investing.” It led me to take a sizeable chunk of my meager retirement savings and invest it the “Green Fund,” from a mutual fund…
angry man

How The Toughest Business On The Planet Keeps Its Employees Engaged

There is no angrier beast than a male deprived of his cable TV signal when he’s trying to watch [insert name of the important sporting event or movie…
wind turbine

The Nasty, Stinky Underbelly Of Business Collaboration

The Gobi Desert isn’t much to look at or live in, but it’s a great place to put wind turbines: remote, low in precipitation, and, of course, windy. China’s Sinovel Wind Group became the second largest wind turbine manufacturer…

6 Freaky, Funny, And Scary Abilities Of Computer Organisms

I intended to write this blog about some of the amazing, helpful, and scary things that robots can do today, but even a quick look at the information out there demonstrates that robot is already an archaic term, like…
workplace conflict

The Worst Source Of Work Conflict

I have two attributes that set me up for conflict with my current colleagues at SAP. First, I worked in small companies for my entire career leading up to 2012,…

The TV Is No Longer A TV

I am in the vanguard of cord cutters, a small but growing group of cable TV subscribers who have decided to ditch the cable box in favor of a variety of…
Bre Pettis

What Pisses Off The Man Who Is The Face Of 3D Printing

MakerBot, a manufacturer of desktop 3D printers priced at the level of a decent laptop, is the best known of companies producing a product that has already been raised…
angry robot drinking a beer 500

The Robot I’d Have A Beer With – After He Takes My Job

The robots are taking over. I know, sounds like a teaser for a 1950s sci-fi movie. But it’s happening. It’s really happening. Actually, it’s starting with just two…