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Christopher Koch is Editorial Director of the SAP Center for Business Insight. An experienced journalist and analyst, he blogs about the intersection of business and technology. Follow him on Twitter: @ckochster.

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5 Reasons Why HR Is Not A Function Anymore

We all know who really runs companies, right? It’s those who design/make and those who sell. Everyone else is referred to as part of a function in order to…
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Jobs Don’t Give Us Purpose And Meaning, Helping Does

Face it, few of us can say that our work has a high degree of purpose and meaning in the greater scheme of things. True purpose…
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How Data Can Help You Find Better Leaders

by Rob O’Regan Ron Johnson’s reign as JC Penney CEO lasted just 17 months. Joel Ewanick was fired after 19 months as global chief marketing officer at General Motors. Jack Griffin barely had time to
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Healthcare Crisis: How To Stop Overflow In The Emergency Room

Got a headache? Upset stomach? Sore back? Better get yourself to the emergency room right away. Sounds absurd, doesn’t it? Yet these are some of the most common reasons that…
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3 Things To Do Before You Use HR Analytics

What often gets lost in the debate over skills shortages and high unemployment is that it is ridiculously expensive to hire and replace people today. U.S. businesses are spending more than…

Leaders Can’t Be True Leaders Without Becoming Good Managers First

There were signs that my former colleague wasn’t cut out for management. First was the obsessive behavior. He didn’t just hand in his assignments early, he insisted on knowing everything that was done with the assignment from that point on,…
Hate Formal Corporate Training? Go Guerrilla On It.

Hate Formal Corporate Training? Go Guerrilla On It.

Training has devolved into something that we hate: Most often it’s packaged courses on how to use software or hopelessly generalized, one-off Webinars designed to reach the maximum number…
Hunter S. Thompson

The Future of Healthcare: When Your Genome Says Go Completely Gonzo

Hunter S. Thompson, the prototypical gonzo journalist, was not known for being concerned about his health. He left a powder trail of controlled substances in his wake as he careened across the West in the early 70s, recounting…
emerging markets

Emerging Markets: 5 IT Pitfalls To Watch For

We all know that in real estate it’s all about location, location, location. Turns out that the same principle applies to doing business in the cloud in emerging markets. It…
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The Secret Of Business Networking Success: Native Intelligence

Part of the reason I love social media is that I don’t have to do must work to find something of interest. I can go to Twitter, for example, and read the tweets of my personal list of