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The Craft Vs. The Art Of Leadership

There are things that no one can teach you, you have to figure them out for yourself. Don’t let the leadership craft get in the way of your leadership art.
motivating people

3 Things You Forgot About Motivating People

Don't miss out on these three things that are routinely underestimated in their ability to motivate employees and do not require delivering a stirring speech.
repurposing Coca Cola bottles

How Coca-Cola Brings New Life Into Its Bottles And Brand [VIDEO]

Coca-Cola is currently rolling out an initiative to give their disposable bottles a second life that's meaningful and environmentally responsible.
constructive criticism is given

3 Keys to Receiving Constructive Criticism

The next time you are receiving constructive criticism, remember three helpful steps to guide you through the process and make the most of your discussion.
Craft Beer Lover’s Guide To Social Media [SLIDESHARE]

Craft Beer Lover’s Guide To Social Media [SLIDESHARE]

Great craft beer is like great content – it keeps you coming back for more. And social media are the great craft beer bars in which these suds are served.