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    The Future Of [Virtual] Education By SAP Services
    Published on July 30, 2014
    Technology is reshaping how we learn, especially in education. Find out what we can expect from the future of education.
  • 10 Of The Biggest Changes To Facebook In 2014 (So Far)
    10 Of The Biggest Changes To Facebook In 2014 (So Far) By John Boitnott
    Published on July 30, 2014
    With the year more than halfway over now, Facebook has instituted many changes both big and small. Here are the biggest updates of the year so far.

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How Omnichannel Marketing Shapes The New Buyer’s Journey

From their cell phones and desktops to an in-store visit, we are entering an omnichannel world where consumers seek an omnichannel experience.
employee in the driver's seat

Holacracy: Putting Employees In The Driver’s Seat

In a holacracy, there's emphasis on iterative governance, adaptive processes, and self-organization – and puts the employees in the driver’s seat.
compass points to change

Reducing The Aftershocks Of Change

Governance, risk, and compliance command attention and human resources, especially when market shifts and the internal change required to respond are clear.

Run A Hackathon, Not A Hack Job

Software-focused companies often leverage events, like hackathons, to help employees blow off steam, socialize, and generate ideas for fun and profit.
Customer Service Throwback Thursday

Customer Service Throwback Thursday

No matter what technology we have at our fingertips, the basics of customer service will always remain.
employees give advice

5 Things You Need To Ask Your Employees Today

Start inviting employees to offer their advice and share their knowledge. Here are five things worth asking them about.
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Kudos To You: 10 Top To-Do’s To Keep Those Customers Coming

Look at how you can stop spending so much money trying to attract new clients and instead, learn to take care of the customers you already have.
It’s Hard To Ask Good Questions

It’s Hard To Ask Good Questions

It’s amazingly hard to ask good questions. But here's the reality: There is no factually correct answer! You can only have a well-reasoned point of view.