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8 Ways Introverts Can Succeed At Networking

Is networking hard for you? Don't worry! Here's a playbook to mitigating anxiety and set yourself up to make meaningful connection with someone new.
internal auditor

A Call For Internal Audit Change

Most boards and top management have no idea what internal audit is capable of doing – which is why auditors must address all risks to business success.
skill of contingency employees

Contingent Workers Must Still Be Strategic

When mapping your talent pool, don't make the mistake of assuming that short-term labor is less critical to strategic outcomes. Here's why.
man screams at app in frustration

When Good Apps Go Bad

When thinking about how to develop your app, you have to ask yourself these critical questions. Otherwise, users ditch your mobile app in frustration.
Personalization Drives Innovation At Hallmark

Personalization Drives Innovation At Hallmark

You wouldn’t think Hallmark, a company that has been helping people share love and laughter, would need to get more personal. But that’s what it’s doing.