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constructive criticism is given

3 Keys to Receiving Constructive Criticism

The next time you are receiving constructive criticism, remember three helpful steps to guide you through the process and make the most of your discussion.
Craft Beer Lover’s Guide To Social Media [SLIDESHARE]

Craft Beer Lover’s Guide To Social Media [SLIDESHARE]

Great craft beer is like great content – it keeps you coming back for more. And social media are the great craft beer bars in which these suds are served.
finance technology

Is Your Finance Organization Thriving Or Merely Surviving?

New technologies have exploded and the possibilities seem endless for CFOs. Experts offer their insights into mobile, cloud, social, and beyond.
review of report

How One Industry Association Can Transform The Grid

NEMA's recommendations to the White House's Quadrennial Energy Review reflect a broad perspective. Here's a review of their interesting recommendations.
happiness at work

The Pursuit Of Happiness At Work

Why is happiness at work a goal worthy enough to be pursued? As it turns out, research shows there are a number of good reasons to help employees be happier.
Customer Engagement: What Not To Do

Customer Engagement: What Not To Do

Why only 10.5% of B2B buyers respond to phone calls from new vendors and what to do about it.
CEO performs

What Companies Do! – Pay For Performance

Because annual and sustained performance are at the heart of shareholder interest, pay-for-performance programs are becoming the norm.