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  • content marketing
    5 Challenges Of Real-time Social Media Analytics [INFOGRAPHIC] By Angela Hausman
    Published on July 23, 2014
    If you struggle to integrate real-time social media analytics and ROI, you’re in good company. See why it's difficult to gain insights from this data.
  • simplicity in architecture
    Three Ways That Simplicity Pays By Jonathan Becher
    Published on July 23, 2014
    Here are three specific ways simplicity can have a positive influence on your bottom line, your customers’ experiences, and employee engagement.

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Art Of Creating, Leading, And Staying Focused [VIDEO]

Jack Dorsey shares what he learned about running a business, leading, and staying focused as well as the personal tools he used to stay grounded.

Employees Are Part Of Business Lifecycle. Agree?

There is a saying: treat your employees like your customers. Employees are building blocks for any business. Read this story to learn why.
Banking On Demand: The Component-Based Bank

Banking On Demand: The Component-Based Bank

The whole end-to-end production, processing, and distribution of finance is being changed by cloud-based products and services.
texting culture

Texting: 4 Etiquette Tips To Keep It Professional

Social technologies are redefining communication and relationships, making familiarity with business texting etiquette essential in today's texting culture.
consumer products

Instability, Uncertainty, And Volatility: The New Normal

The consumer products industry is facing a new normal: instability, uncertainty, and volatility. See how these companies are addressing the challenge.