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How One Industry Association Can Transform The Grid

NEMA's recommendations to the White House's Quadrennial Energy Review reflect a broad perspective. Here's a review of their interesting recommendations.
happiness at work

The Pursuit Of Happiness At Work

Why is happiness at work a goal worthy enough to be pursued? As it turns out, research shows there are a number of good reasons to help employees be happier.
Customer Engagement: What Not To Do

Customer Engagement: What Not To Do

Why only 10.5% of B2B buyers respond to phone calls from new vendors and what to do about it.
CEO performs

What Companies Do! – Pay For Performance

Because annual and sustained performance are at the heart of shareholder interest, pay-for-performance programs are becoming the norm.
ying yang symbol made with buttons

Screening And Onboarding: The “Yin And Yang” Of Hiring

HR needs a hiring process that marries stellar candidate interactions and user experiences to differentiate themselves. Todd Owens explains why.
The Halves And Wholes Of Leadership

The Halves And Wholes Of Leadership

You may not want to call it a marriage, but that’s why staying in love is hard work and, at the very heart of business, the halves and wholes of leadership.
world cup 2014

Who Really Won The World Cup?

Germany may have won the 2014 FIFA World Cup but in the world of sportswear and fashion, there is an undisputed winner from this years World Cup as well. Germany may have won the 2014 FIFA World Cup but in...
team of sled dogs

6 Essential Leadership Skills For Today’s Leader

A careful examination of the various definitions of “leader” presents a fascinating and brief explanation of great leadership.