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How SAP Runs HANA Analytics in BusinessObjects Explorer for Several Thousand Users

Find out how Global IT was able to provide HANA analytics to several thousand users in this blog by Dirk Pluschke from the SAP Runs SAP team.

Read the blog here.

Don’t Miss The Latest News Coverage on SAP Runs SAP

Usually you can find links to SAP Global IT and Oliver Bussmann interviews via the media coverage tab on this page. However, there is so much activity at the moment that they warrant a dedicated blog post.

Here are the latest interviews. 


#SAPChat – Transcript and Thanks

Last week I took part in my first Live #SAPChat and I had a great time – it was a lot of fun.

I really enjoyed the direct interaction and would like to thank those who took part and the lurkers who observed. A BIG thank you also goes to the entire team (SAP Marketing & Global Communications) for making it happen – proof that collaboration leads to fantastic things.

I love numbers so here are a couple relating to the #SAPChat.  We covered 36 topics in 60 minutes and spoke about many SAP Runs SAP topics, for example how we are implementing our own mobile strategy and how we are using SAP HANA solutions internally


The Truth About SAP HANA

Warning: You may need to read the following statement twice to believe it, but it is a true statement.

Here we go: It is possible to run a multi-billion-dollar company from a mobile device using the SAP HANA platform. What’s more, you can accelerate quarter end results and minimize potential processing errors using SAP HANA. Don’t just take my word for it, watch Robert Enslin (President, Global Field Operations) and Mark Deinert (Head of Global Controlling) speak about how SAP Runs SAP HANA in each of their areas within SAP.


Oliver Bussmann on the Consumerization of IT

Each week BBC News asks high-profile technology decision-makers three questions.  This week it is the turn of SAP CIO, Oliver Bussmann. Read the interview in full here.

SAP runs HANA (in memory)

See how SAP is benefiting from the power and speed of In-Memory technology as it’s own first customer running SAP HANA in the Opportunity Management area.´

Go to Video of SAP runs HANA (in memory)


  • Oliver Bussmann, CIO, SAP
  • Martin Heisig, Vice President Enterprise Architecture, SAP
  • Amogh Umbarkar, Program Manager In-Memory Adotion, SAP

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