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Why people (including IT people) love the Cloud

Jens Fuchs, from SAP’s Global IT Strategy 2.0 team, helped develop SAP’s internal Cloud strategy. He has detailed his experience, learning from working with the Cloud environment, and trends in his blog “Why people (including IT people) love the Cloud“.


2012 Social Yearbook: @SAPCIO and #SAPRunsSAP

The ending of year 2012 was celebrated as SAP CIO, Oliver Bussmann and the SAP Runs SAP program took the social network by storm. As part of our social yearbook, here is a review of hot topics and happenings from the year past, as well as an outlook for 2013.

@SAP CIO and #SAPRunsSAP Hottest Topics


What’s Next


These hot topics from 2012 show the SAP Global IT strategy is working overall from a delivery, operations, and innovation point-of-view as they are trending in the social scene. SAP Global IT is excited for the new year of successes to come in the industry and in social!

SAP Global IT’s Award-Winning Year

Here is my latest interview with Bill Kozel.

The SAP Global IT team doesn’t work to win awards; they work to provide the most comprehensive support for the global SAP organization. But hey, everyone likes recognition. And in 2012, the SAP Global IT team has enjoyed an unprecedented winning streak. (more…)

Bloomberg News: SAP Schools Workers Apple-Style on Making Most of Mobile Devices

SAP AG (SAP), whose software helps some of the world’s largest firms run their operations, is following the model of Apple Inc.’s stores to show its own workers how to get the most from their smartphones and tablets.

Employees can try devices and software, join training sessions and get technical advice at SAP Mobile Solutions Centers, Chief Information Officer Oliver Bussmann said in a phone interview today. He spoke from SAP headquarters in Walldorf, Germany, where the newest center opens today following inaugurations in London, Paris and Mumbai earlier this year.

Read the article in full here

Don’t Miss The Latest News Coverage on SAP Runs SAP

Usually you can find links to SAP Global IT and Oliver Bussmann interviews via the media coverage tab on this page. However, there is so much activity at the moment that they warrant a dedicated blog post.

Here are the latest interviews. 


SAP HANA: A Fast Track from Concept to Reality

At SAPPHIRE NOW 2011 in Orlando, Vishal Sikka unveiled the first business scenarios to employ SAP HANA appliance software – just six months after the technology was officially launched. As Program Manager, In-Memory Adoption@SAP, Amogh Umbarkar was part of the team that made the debut possible. He spoke with Bill Kozel about how SAP’s internal team ensured that a working prototype would be ready for its world premiere.


Running IT Like a Business: How SAP’s Technologists Unleash Their Inner MBAs

Too often, organizations treat the IT function as a cost center – a part of the company’s overhead.

In recent years, however, SAP Global IT has adopted a different approach; one that treats information technology as a business that is fully accountable for its contribution to the company’s overall success. (more…)

SAP Runs SAP: Green IT (with a difference)

Energy management is an emerging challenge in enterprises. Not only is data center energy consumption the fastest-growing cost, it is also the single largestline item in a CIO’s operating expenses. See how SAP Global IT is successfully reducing CO2 emissions and cost in a futuristic style. SAP Runs SAP: Green IT

Sybase Afaria and SAP: Securing Enterprise Mobility

With so many mobile operating systems and devices choices available, you need a solution that can manage—and secure—all your critical enterprise data, mobile applications and devices. Afaria simplifies the management complexities of an on-the-go workforce by ensuring that all data stored and transmitted by mobile devices is secure. Jeff Schwartz from Sybase IT explains how SAP and Sybase use Sybase Afaria to secure our enterprise mobility landscape. (more…)

SAP runs HANA (in memory)

See how SAP is benefiting from the power and speed of In-Memory technology as it’s own first customer running SAP HANA in the Opportunity Management area.´

Go to Video of SAP runs HANA (in memory)


  • Oliver Bussmann, CIO, SAP
  • Martin Heisig, Vice President Enterprise Architecture, SAP
  • Amogh Umbarkar, Program Manager In-Memory Adotion, SAP

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