The World in 2033: Big Thinkers And Futurists Share Their Thoughts

Oliver Bussmann, along with a select few thought leaders, described their visions to Forbes for what the world will be like in 20 years from now. Their predictions include technology, global conflict, education, space travel, the global workforce, religion, global climate, and additional insights.

Read the article in full here. SAP CIO: iCloud and DropBox Not Secure Enough, We’ll Build Our Own

Users love cloud storage services like DropBox and iCloud for their power and ease of use. IT managers hate them for the ginormous potential for data leakage and loss they create. But clamping down on them isn’t so straightforward.

At the SAPPHIRE conference in Madrid last week, SAP CIO Oliver Bussmann gave a talk to fellow CIOs about how SAP is using its subsidiary Sybase’s Afaria MDM software to secure the 11,000 iPads used by its employees.

Read Eric Lai’s post in full on via this link.

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