ZDNet: One Enterprise CIO’s View of CES

Eric Lai’s latest ZDNet blog shares fascinating insights from the recent Consumer Electronics Shows in Las Vegas, including a not to be missed video from SAP CIO Oliver Bussmann.

“Bussmann, as readers of this blog already know, is no ordinary enterprise CIO. He’s deployed 14,000 iPads and 8,000 iPhones to SAP employees, launched a global Bring Your Own Device program and created a self-service, internal Enterprise App Store with dozens of apps. Bussmann is also pushing ahead on Android device deployments, and is building a more secure alternative to DropBox for employees to use.

In the following video, Bussmann gives his quick take on five technologies and trends he saw on display at CES this year, along with what their impact could be for businesses like SAP’s (my parent company happens to be one of the 70 largest public corporations in the world).”

Click here to read Eric’s post in full.

Video: SAP iPad enterprise deployment enables ‘mobile mindset,’ CIO says

Oliver Bussmann talks iPad deployments with SearchConsumerization.com’s Colin Steele and ConsumerizeIT.com’s Jack Madden. Recorded at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics event in Las Vegas. Click here to view the video.

Consumer Show Takes a Gamble on Enterprise Software in Vegas

What was SAP, a company focused on business software, doing at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last week in Las Vegas? In this post, Pat Tupper shares some insight from the show floor.

SAP’s participation at CES proves that the boundaries between consumer and enterprise have been crossed. Erased even. Forget about the consumerization of IT — the line between consumer technology and business technology has disappeared for good. (more…)

Goodbye 2011 – Hello 2012 – Oliver Bussmann Powers On at CES and AppNation

On the drive to work this morning I was trying to forget how miserable the weather was in Walldorf and at the same time trying to think of a great opening line for the 2011 review blog. I need not have bothered, my buddy Eric Lai posted a great review for Forbes this morning. It feels like the sun is shining in Walldorf now. Thank you Eric. (more…)

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