SAP Global IT’s Award-Winning Year

Here is my latest interview with Bill Kozel.

The SAP Global IT team doesn’t work to win awards; they work to provide the most comprehensive support for the global SAP organization. But hey, everyone likes recognition. And in 2012, the SAP Global IT team has enjoyed an unprecedented winning streak. (more…)

Running Pace with Oliver Bussmann at SAPPHIRE NOW Orlando

Eileen Butler is the newest addition to the SAP Runs SAP team. In her first blog she shares her experiences of shadowing Oliver Bussmann during SAPPHIRE NOW Orlando. I had fun reading it, I hope you do too. Anita

Running Pace with Oliver Bussmann at SAPPHIRE NOW Orlando

For those of you who are not runners, you may be wondering what this headline means. “Running pace” is how long it takes to run a mile. At this year’s SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando, I had the opportunity to run a few miles on the show floor with SAP CIO Oliver Bussmann.

In preparation for the event, Oliver gave me two tasks:

1.)    Memorize the floor plan.

2.)    Bring running shoes.



    SAPPHIRE NOW Orlando is only a week away and I can’t wait.

Many of my favorite SAP Runs SAP ambassadors are going to be there — such as Michael Golz, Martin Heisig, Martin Lang and Matthias Wild. If you are attending, make sure you visit the SAP Runs SAP booth. It is your chance to see SAP Runs SAP in action.

I am most excited about the fact that enterprise mobility expert Eric Lai and SAP’s Chief Information Officer Oliver Bussmann will be taking part in a live #SAPCHAT on Wednesday, May 16 at 1:00 p.m. ET in Orlando.

Eric and Oliver will be talking about social media, SAP Runs SAP, bring your own device (BYOD), enterprise mobility and, and, and – anything goes live on Twitter.

To be part of the party, on site or online, use this link or simply watch the #SAPChat tag on Twitter.

If you have never seen a #SAPCHAT in action on Twitter, then make this a date for your diary. You do not need to be in Orlando to take part. I, for one, will be taking part from the comfort of my own home.


See you online

Oliver Bussmann named #1 on a study of Top 25 Most Social CIOs of the Fortune 250

I am proud to announce Oliver Bussmann being named #1 in a harmon.ie study of Top 25 Most Social CIOs of the Fortune 250 last week.

Don’t just take my word for it, click one of the links below to find out more.

Well done Oliver!


Techcrunch http://techcrunch.com/2012/04/09/study-cios-may-like-to-talk-the-social-media-talk-but-only-10-walk-the-walk/

Forbes - http://www.forbes.com/sites/markfidelman/2012/04/05/these-are-the-top-25-most-social-cios-in-the-world/

CIO Insight, Oliver Bussmann: If you can’t beat them, lead them

Michelle Maisto from CIO Insight spoke to Oliver Bussmann recently on How Consumerization Is Changing IT

SAP CIO Oliver Bussmann has deployed more than 8,000 iPhones, 17,000 BlackBerry handsets and 14,000 iPads. In this exclusive interview with CIO Insight, he talks about how supporting the devices that employees want to use actually creates a more secure enterprise, attracts young talent, and drives innovation, efficiency and employee loyalty.

Click here to read in full.

Wirtschafts Woche: Wie Unternehmen das iPad nutzen

Oliver Voß from Wirtschafts Woche spoke to Oliver Bussmann recently on how SAP use the iPad to run its business. Click here to read the article in full (in German only – you may want to use an online translator to read it in your preferred language).

I-CIO This Way Up: Oliver Bussmann

Not only a cool picture but an enlightening interview too. Click here to read the article in full.

Oliver Bussmann live at CeBIT

If you want to experience Oliver live, drop by and see him at CeBIT.

Live at CeBIT: Oliver Bussmann
Tuesday, 6 March 2012, 11 o‘clock:
From Trend to Strategy – Integrate and Manage IT Consumerization


Bloomberg: Android Takes IPhone Battle to Office as SAP Plugs Security Hole

Feb. 28 (Bloomberg) — Google Inc.’s Android, having become the most popular smartphone software among consumers, is set to gain traction with businesses as SAP AG and VMWare Inc. help iron out security kinks.

Read the full article here.

From Chaos to Order: An Executive’s Approach to Becoming an Online Trusted Adviser

Nowadays, employees, customers, influencers, executives — everyone, really — enjoys many options for accessing, consuming, and sharing information. Texting and e-mail are ubiquitous forms of instant communication, and even traditional channels — such as newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals — are available easily and immediately through desktop and handheld devices. Social media adds even more choices to the multimedia mix, with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, online communities, blogs, and podcasts battling for eyes and ears.

In our world of information overload, the challenge that we face is finding a way to establish ourselves as trusted advisers in a wilderness of digital data. (more…)

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