Written by Manik N. Saha, CIO – Asia Pacific & Japan


Starting early June, the different SAP Forums in APJ kick off, and I’m pleased that the Global IT team is participating in many of the events that take place in this region. During these events, we plan to share and get feedback from our customers, partners and prospects on how SAP Runs SAP.

SAP Runs SAP is much more than just SAP as a company using its own products. It’s a mindset that we adopted and since integrated the pillars of the concept into everything Global IT does. Within IT, some of the foundational elements of the SAP Runs SAP concept is a long term IT Strategy, a strong Governance Model including all IT units, a strong Enterprise Architecture team, and a top management mandate to drive innovation forward. Including the different LoBs and product development organizations, the SAP Runs SAP interactively drives a perpetual discussion on new business scenarios that could be brought to life with new technology.

A key philosophy to enable the innovation at SAP Runs SAP, is to allow risk taking and failure and learn from it to make the next steps. In our case, we look for new ideas and provide a small project funding to create the Proof of Concept or Prototype and test the idea. If the ideas work, it gets channeled into a mainstream project portfolio for implementation. If it doesn’t work, we take a decision to either steer the idea into something that could work (continuous innovation) or take the key learnings into another project. Overall, SAP as an organization benefits in two ways:

  1. A continuous innovation process ensures a continuous focus on business optimization
  2. IT as an organization is strongly integrated into the value chain of the different LoBs and SAP as a innovative technology company

These discussions drive a very fruitful conversation with my peers and I’m continually amazed at the eagerness to learn and innovate in a multitude of industries. Two weeks ago I was in the SAP Forum in the Philippines and during the keynote, I outlined the above concept to a very interested audience of 1500 attendees.

Next up are SAP Forums in Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore where we will share different aspects of the storyline with the audience. Apart from the keynotes and breakouts, we love engaging in 1-1 conversations with our peers to exchange ideas on how IT as an organization can be an enabler for innovation in any industry.

If you will be around for these Forums, and would like to meet me or my colleagues/team, please drop me a note. Look forward to seeing you there.


Manik N. Saha
CIO – Asia Pacific & Japan

Connect with me on Twitter: @maniksaha