June, 2013

Protecting the Cloud


Axel Buelow, Interim CIO, SAP AG, has written a blog on the Oxford Economics Cloud Platform Trends site.

“As I speak to customers around the world about the Cloud, I am especially attuned to their concerns about security. After all, anytime you move data from the safety of your own four walls, it’s only natural to worry about where that data goes – and how it is protected…”

Read the full blog here.


SAP Runs SAP at the SAP Forums in APJ

Written by Manik N. Saha, CIO – Asia Pacific & Japan

Starting early June, the different SAP Forums in APJ kick off, and I’m pleased that the Global IT team is participating in many of the events that take place in this region. During these events, we plan to share and get feedback from our customers, partners and prospects on how SAP Runs SAP.

SAP Runs SAP is much more than just SAP as a company using its own products. It’s a mindset that we adopted and since integrated the pillars of the concept into everything Global IT does. Within IT, some of the foundational elements of the SAP Runs SAP concept is a long term IT Strategy, a strong Governance Model including all IT units, a strong Enterprise Architecture team, and a top management mandate to drive innovation forward. Including the different LoBs and product development organizations, the SAP Runs SAP interactively drives a perpetual discussion on new business scenarios that could be brought to life with new technology.

A key philosophy to enable the innovation at SAP Runs SAP, is to allow risk taking and failure and learn from it to make the next steps. In our case, we look for new ideas and provide a small project funding to create the Proof of Concept or Prototype and test the idea. If the ideas work, it gets channeled into a mainstream project portfolio for implementation. If it doesn’t work, we take a decision to either steer the idea into something that could work (continuous innovation) or take the key learnings into another project. Overall, SAP as an organization benefits in two ways:

  1. A continuous innovation process ensures a continuous focus on business optimization
  2. IT as an organization is strongly integrated into the value chain of the different LoBs and SAP as a innovative technology company

These discussions drive a very fruitful conversation with my peers and I’m continually amazed at the eagerness to learn and innovate in a multitude of industries. Two weeks ago I was in the SAP Forum in the Philippines and during the keynote, I outlined the above concept to a very interested audience of 1500 attendees.

Next up are SAP Forums in Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore where we will share different aspects of the storyline with the audience. Apart from the keynotes and breakouts, we love engaging in 1-1 conversations with our peers to exchange ideas on how IT as an organization can be an enabler for innovation in any industry.

If you will be around for these Forums, and would like to meet me or my colleagues/team, please drop me a note. Look forward to seeing you there.


Manik N. Saha
CIO – Asia Pacific & Japan

Connect with me on Twitter: @maniksaha

Ovum BYOX Strategy Award Win for Global IT

Written by Karen Hagemann

SAP Global IT celebrated an outstanding win recently at the Ovum BYOX Strategy Awards 2013 where the Security and Risk organization were crowned winners in the “Best Technology and Telecoms” category.

Organized by independent market analyst, Ovum, the BYOX Strategy Awards recognize companies driving innovation in the area of BYOD. SAP Global IT impressed the judges by demonstrating the success of the SAP Runs SAP program in which employees use their preferred mobile devices and applications to better collaborate, access information, and influence key business decisions – anytime, anywhere, and with the peace of mind of a secure network.

The jury was most impressed by SAP’s approach of addressing the consumerization of IT trend, allowing employees to own a single device for both business and personal use.

Ralph Salomon, head of IT Security and Risk Management, together with Maximilian Adrian were present at the ceremony in London on June 5 to collect the award. Reflecting on their win, Ralph exclaimed, “We were literally surrounded by global experts for BYOX strategy and operations. Three world class experts on the jury reviewed dozens of award applications and told us they were so impressed by our strategy and could immediately see that we had fulfilled all the selection criteria for the award.”

(Ralph and Maximilian with award)

Interim CIO, Axel Bülow, congratulated the team on their well-deserved award – “This is a fantastic achievement for the Security and Risk team and the SAP Global IT organization as a whole, which continues to support the “Mobile” pillar of our corporate strategy. I would particularly like to thank Ralph Salomon, Maximilian Adrian, and Alex Guitman for their tremendous efforts in driving the program and for coming out on top!”

Currently in their third year, the Ovum BYOX Strategy Awards have drawn leading names in a short time. Beating off such stiff competition from highly respected brands makes this recognition all the more impressive for SAP Global IT.


 Click here to read Ovum’s Press Release

Recap: “Learn from Experience: How SAP Runs SAP to Supercharge CRM”

SAPPHIRE NOW 2013/Session #64983
Presenter: Axel Buelow, SVP, Head of Applications Services and Acting CIO, SAP AG


For SAP, there is no mission more critical than satisfying customers. So when the company decided to move its SAP CRM application onto SAP HANA, it was not a decision that was made lightly. At this SAPPHIRE NOW 2013 theater presentation, Axel Buelow described the impact of SAP CRM on SAP HANA – and the implementation process that has made it an unqualified success.


A New World

Axel began by putting the new application into context, including such megatrends as the increasing need for pervasive access, the rapid accumulation of “Big Data,” the move toward “global-class” delivery through the cloud, and the emergence of a generation that was raised on social media.

Customers, he said, look to SAP for innovation and inspiration. And SAP CRM on SAP HANA illustrates SAP’s ability to deliver.


Bringing Innovation to Life

“SAP Runs SAP is bringing innovation to life with 100 projects and five percent of the project portfolio,” Axel said. “Our job is to assess, evaluate, and prototype new components to see what value they bring.”

Axel also described SAP’s internal roadmap for the adoption of SAP CRM on SAP HANA, which included side-by-side operations for functions such as the SAP sales pipeline.


Going Live

After a migration period of two and a half months, SAP CRM went live on SAP HANA in March, 2013. Today, Axel reported, “SAP CRM on SAP HANA supports 15,000 business users – including up to 10,000 users per day.

“It was a ‘big bang’ implementation,” he added, “reaching all users in all geographies. Our search performance improved by a factor of 250.”

Early in the process, Axel said, “There was a lot of concern in the area of custom code. But in the end, we had to adjust less than five percent of the custom code.”


New Business Scenarios

Axel cited examples of how SAP CRM on SAP HANA enables new business scenarios, including:

  • Faster profitability analysis: The time required to conduct profitability analysis has been reduced from      26 hours to just four hours – while providing even greater detail.
  • Sales pipeline management: SAP’s sales pipeline management once had a latency time of 12 hours.      Today, that information is available on iPads and other mobile devices in a matter of seconds.


The Roadmap Continues

Axel closed by discussing SAP’s future plans, which include leveraging SAP HANA for receivables management; fraud management for governance, risk, and compliance (GRC); and procurement.

Most significantly, Axel said, “We will continue by moving SAP ERP to SAP HANA in August, with 50,000 to 60,000 users.

“Our roadmap,” he concluded, “is not at an end yet.”


Author: Bill Kozel

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