July, 2012

CIO Conversation: SAP runs SAP, but does SAP rapidly deploy SAP?

Martin Heisig, member of SAP Global IT Management Team has written his first blog post for SCN. 

Here is a snippet.

Todays ever changing business environment requires flexible and agile IT solutions, thus requiring Chief Information Officers (CIO) to face multiple challenges. On the one hand, CIO’s need to provide stable, reliable, world-class IT services to support a global business. On the other hand, IT needs to support new business models and provide fresh innovations to enable new business opportunities.

 Click here to read in full.

SAP Global IT Mobile Solutions Centers Go Global

Mobile Solutions Centers have arrived, providing SAP employees with on-site spots where they can try out new devices and get information straight from mobile experts. From the introduction of new IT mobile apps to the availability of new mobile devices, SAP Global IT is giving employees additional options for staying connected and productive – in and out of the office.

 Take a look at this clip to see the Mobile Solutions Center for yourself: http://www.sap-tv.com/video/7887/sap-global-it-mobile-solutions-centers-go-global

Eric Lai also wrote about the Mobile solutions Centers in his latest blog “For Your Mobile Enterprise, Build a Genius Bar, NOT A Help Desk” on ZdNET.

Bloomberg News: SAP Schools Workers Apple-Style on Making Most of Mobile Devices

SAP AG (SAP), whose software helps some of the world’s largest firms run their operations, is following the model of Apple Inc.’s stores to show its own workers how to get the most from their smartphones and tablets.

Employees can try devices and software, join training sessions and get technical advice at SAP Mobile Solutions Centers, Chief Information Officer Oliver Bussmann said in a phone interview today. He spoke from SAP headquarters in Walldorf, Germany, where the newest center opens today following inaugurations in London, Paris and Mumbai earlier this year.

Read the article in full here

SAP Runs SAP & Cyber Crime Threats (Part I)

SAP Global IT security expert Maximilian Adrian shares insights on cyber crime and enterprise IT security threats in his first SCN post. Read it in full here


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