Last week I took part in my first Live #SAPChat and I had a great time – it was a lot of fun.

I really enjoyed the direct interaction and would like to thank those who took part and the lurkers who observed. A BIG thank you also goes to the entire team (SAP Marketing & Global Communications) for making it happen – proof that collaboration leads to fantastic things.

I love numbers so here are a couple relating to the #SAPChat.  We covered 36 topics in 60 minutes and spoke about many SAP Runs SAP topics, for example how we are implementing our own mobile strategy and how we are using SAP HANA solutions internally

I have already committed to a second #SAPChat in early 2012 (dates and times will be posted here and on Twitter as soon as they are available).

For those who were unable to attend, here is the transcript of the #SAPChat. There are a couple of unanswered questions, but I promise I will answer them this week and post on this blog (I am travelling at the moment).


Oliver @sapcio

 #SAPChat Transcript

SAP Welcome to #SAPChat with @SAPCIO, Oliver Bussmann! To ask a question make sure you include hash tag #SAPChat! We’ll get the ball rolling… -11:00 AM Nov 15th, 2011


evilyeti What’s the relation between mobile apps and cloud applications? Cloud the cloud be perceived as the gate to onPremise? #sapchat #SAPChat -11:04 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @evilyeti Mobile apps can be the front end on demand solutions e.g. the SAP ByD mobile app #sapchat -11:06 AM Nov 15th, 2011


evilyeti @sapcio ByD mobile exposes (ondemand) ByD on a mobile device. What about onpremise systems through a VPN-hooked cloud app? #sapchat #SAPChat -11:10 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @evilyeti I agree there are different access options to enterprise systems #sapchat -11:13 AM Nov 15th, 2011


SAP_Jarret Has #SAP deployed any of the new functionality contained in #EHP6 internally #SAPChat -11:05 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @SAP_Jarret We are on the latest ERP enhancement pacakage – since beginning of the year #sapchat -11:11 AM Nov 15th, 2011

nikee69 Why has #SAP treated mobile solutions so badly before the Sybase acquisition? This has created a tremendous vacuum.#sapchat -11:06 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @nikee69 with the Sybase acquisition the amount of investment in mobile enterprise business cannot be compared to previous initiatives #sapchat -11:09 AM Nov 15th, 2011

rhirsch @sapcio what is the impact of using cutting-edge technologies (like HANA) on your KPIs? Do you create ones? Adjust the old ones? #sapchat -11:07 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @rhirsch we have deployed already 3 #SAPHANA scenarios e.g sales pipeline which runs on a mobile device #sapchat -11:10 AM Nov 15th, 2011


rhirsch @sapcio there are IT services associated with these scenarios. I’m interested in how innovation impacts KPIs for these IT services #sapchat -11:13 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @rhirsch The COPA HANA scenario is linked to a process improvement KPI reducing process time from 28 hours to 4 hours#sapchat -11:14 AM Nov 15th, 2011

rhirsch @sapcio those are the KPIs improvements that I like to hear about #SAPChat -11:20 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio Listen to our customers speak about the benefits of COPA #sapchat -11:15 AM Nov 15th, 2011


Jamesy_boy @sapcio when are you going to widen official browser support to include chrome and or other browsers ! #sapchat -11:14 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @Jamesy_boy There is a list of supported browsers and related apps in the SAP Service Marketplace #sapchat -11:16 AM Nov 15th, 2011


PuruGovind I would also add analytics. RT @sapcio The combination of real-time data combined with the mobile access is the new killer app #SAPChat -11:11 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @PuruGovind I fully agree that mobile BI/analytics combined with In Memory #SAPHANA is the killer app #sapchat -11:12 AM Nov 15th, 2011


BrianEllefritz #SAPChat (disclosure, I’m a SAP employee) love tht I can now use my personal iPhone for mobile email; how do u decide what devices 2 support -11:15 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @BrianEllefritz We support bring your own device – just started the pilots in


gailmoody #sapchat @sapcio There r challenges with bring your device when you own MacBook, such as using SAP NW ISP systems. Any plans to simplify? -11:26 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @gailmoody We are supporting MacBooks within SAP#sapchat -11:27 AM Nov 15th, 2011


thorstenster @sapcio Do you think some of your internal self-use solutions will become part of SAP’s product/service portfolio?#SAPChat -11:16 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @thorstenster Absolutely, with the 6 to 12 month early involvement we influence product functionality and quality#sapchat -11:17 AM Nov 15th, 2011

thorstenster @sapcio Would love to see your team in the next Customer Engagement Initiatives and at regional user groups like DSAG, ASUG. :) #SAPChat -11:19 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @thorstenster We are developing a private cloud based document app to exchange docs between mobile and pc #sapchat -11:19 AM Nov 15th, 2011

thorstenster Re: document app – neat! #SAPChat -11:21 AM Nov 15th, 2011

thorstenster @sapio “SAP runs SAP” is not only good for credibility but will also improve product quality greatly.Short, powerful feedback loop! #SAPChat -11:23 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @thorstenster I agree #sapchat -11:24 AM Nov 15th, 2011


rhirsch @sapcio @thorstenster will this document exchange app be based on Neo? Would be good fit #sapchat -11:22 AM Nov 15th, 2011
sapcio @rhirsch The Apps will use standards like WEBDAV #sapchat -11:22 AM Nov 15th, 2011


SAP_Jarret Does the #SAP roadmap have you deploying either Sales or Career OnDemand internally in 2012 #SAPChat -11:19 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @SAP_Jarret We have sales on demand up and running for one business in Germany, just started the project for career on demand. #sapchat -11:20 AM Nov 15th, 2011


ericylai Oliver – Do you have personal opinion on whether native#apps are on way out/decline due to HTML5? #CIO #ensw#SAPChat -11:21 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @ericylai I think HTML5 is the future platform in the meantime we have to solve security topics like authentification etc#sapchat -11:22 AM Nov 15th, 2011

rhirsch @ericylai I think it depends on the use case – some use cases require native apps #SAPChat -11:22 AM Nov 15th, 2011


ericylai ? from a reader re: why SAP building private cloud; R there specific flaws in DropBox, iCloud or is it broadly architectural?#SAPChat -11:25 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @ericylai It is a security concern to move confidential documents into a public zone #sapchat -11:26 AM Nov 15th, 2011


ERP_cindyjutras @sapcio Is Afaria affordable to an #SMB?#sapchat -11:25 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @ERP_cindyjutras Afaria is affordable for SMB through Service Providers like #verizon #sapchat -11:26 AM Nov 15th, 2011


ERP_cindyjutras @sapcio In that case is Verizon doing the management? #sapchat -11:27 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @ERP_cindyjutras It is a managed service #sapchat -11:28 AM Nov 15th, 2011

ericylai @ERP_cindyjutras @sapcio Verizon is hosted MDM provider, using Afaria as back-end. Others: Vodafone, Orange #SAPChat -11:30 AM Nov 15th, 2011


rhirsch @sapcio what sort of authentication do you use in your mobile solutions? Are you using the SAP IDMaaS? Like SCN?#sapchat -11:27 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @rhirsch We implemented single sign on for mobile apps which is based on X509 #sapchat -11:28 AM Nov 15th, 2011


JimLundy @tribalimpact @SAP Glad to hear SAP supports mobile devices. What do you use to manage them? #SapChat -11:27 AM Nov 15th, 2011
sapcio @JimLundy We use Sybase Afaria to manage 11,000 iPads and 5,000 iPhones #sapchat -11:30 AM Nov 15th, 2011

tom_weiss @sapcio @SteffenRoehn But ONLY if you have an iPad – and I see minimal corporate adoption rates #sapchat -11:28 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @tom_weiss iPad has with 50% of all sales a very high corporate adoption rate #sapchat -11:29 AM Nov 15th, 2011

tom_weiss @sapcio #sapchat certainly much higher than I expected. Would be interested to hear what % of SAP users use the iPad after 12 months -11:47 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @tom_weiss We have 11,000 iPads out of 50,000 users at#SAP - more to come #sapchat -11:48 AM Nov 15th, 2011


thorstenster Will there be an exchange (beyond feature requests) between standard programmers and your team – add-on programming models, etc.? #SAPChat


thorstenster What I mean is, will BS dev’s learn from your team how easy it is to extend & adapt the product and how to better enable that? #SAPChat -11:28 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @thorstenster We have a joint #saprunssap map together with the Development organization to provide feedback and defect info #sapchat -11:29 AM Nov 15th, 2011


thorstenster Do you have internal releases? What’s you cycle?#SAPChat -11:31 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @thorstenster Yes, there is already an exchange happening#sapchat -11:32 AM Nov 15th, 2011


kingfisherinc @sapcio - We understand that SAP has a BYOD Policy – how does your IT manage ‘bring your own device”? #SAPChat -11:30 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @kingfisherinc We use Sybase Afaria to manage personal devices #sapchat -11:31 AM Nov 15th, 2011

Top 10 iPad Deployment Tips:

sapcio Interested in deploying iPads in your organization – here are my top #10 tips #sapchat -11:23 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio #1 Need Device agnostic strategy #sapchat -11:24 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio 2.Mobile Device Management software like Sybase Afaria is a must have #sapchat -11:25 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio 3. Early involvement of the IT Security and Data Privacy experts is mandatory not to delay any deployment #sapchat -11:31 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio 4.Web 2.0/wiki technology and mobile champions in larger locations will minimize the impact on first level support #sapchat -11:32 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio 5. Automate the deployment with a mobile device management tool so that IT does not need to touch the Device#sapchat -11:33 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio 6. Look at deployment end2end – meaning –include integration at the start of the deployment with an order management system #sapchat -11:36 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio 7. International roaming is the biggest cost driver #sapchat-11:36 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio 8. Use Mobile Device Management tool to standardize international data roaming #sapchat -11:43 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio 9. Bring your own device is a must have for enterprises.#sapchat -11:43 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio 10. The IT department has to be in the driver seat#sapchat -11:44 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio Waiting is not an option because lines of business will get the require services for iPad deployment through third parties.#sapchat -11:44 AM Nov 15th, 2011


thorstenster How long does it take you from internal change request (user demands feature) to go-live of that feature?#SAPChat -11:35 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @thorstenster It depends on what the internal change is#sapchat -11:36 AM Nov 15th, 2011


thorstenster Do you use edge innovation like River to implement functionality outside the core (and possibly faster)? #SAPChat -11:37 AM Nov 15th, 2011

thorstenster Then I can repeat. ;) Do you use edge innovation like River to implement functionality outside the core (and possibly faster)? #SAPChat -11:56 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @thorstenster ha ha ha #sapchat -11:57 AM Nov 15th, 2011

thorstenster Is “ha ha ha” the new “no”? ;) #SAPChat -11:59 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @thorstenster :o) #sapchat -11:59 AM Nov 15th, 2011

thorstenster That, in turn, must be the new “yes”. Wonder if this gets me a “ha ha ha”. ;) #SAPChat -12:00 PM Nov 15th, 2011


kingfisherinc @sapcio When does SAP expect to have their own cloud solutions available? #SAPChat -11:38 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio We already deployed the RDS for #saphana COPA, BW 7.3 on HANA and the sales pipeline reporting with 3 TB CRM data#sapchat -11:38 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @kingfisherinc Thre are plenty of on demand solutions like sales on demand, carbon impact on demand, BI on demand, streamworks out #sapchat -11:39 AM Nov 15th, 2011


ericylai Earlier in your career, did you have a straight ‘command-and-control’ #CIO mentality? If so, when did that change? :) #ensw #SAPChat -11:38 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @ericylai LOL A long time ago – today as a #cio I have to watch the consumer business for future demand #sapchat -11:40 AM Nov 15th, 2011


mkrigsman #SAPCHAT Joining late but ques for @SAPCIO - what’s the most important part of your job at #SAP#CIO -11:40 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @mkrigsman The combination of being a functional, transformational and innovative/strategic CIO is the important part#sapchat -11:41 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @mkrigsman The fun part of my job is to be the innovative strategic CIO #sapchat -11:45 AM Nov 15th, 2011


kp_pk_kpk Rumors abt SAP’s strategy of new acquisitions to strengthen #Mobility is spreading all over.What could be the future of SAPMobility #sapchat -11:40 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @kp_pk_kpk Jim Snabe has been quoted frequently that SAP is always on the look out for acquisition as part of our strategy #sapchat -11:42 AM Nov 15th, 2011


thorstenster How long does it take you from internal change request (user demands feature) to go-live of that feature?#SAPChat -11:35 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @thorstenster It depends on what the internal change is#sapchat -11:36 AM Nov 15th, 2011


kingfisherinc @sapcio - Curious about how #BI 4.0 has been deployed through SAP internally? Do your IT personnel have dashboards from 4.0? #SAPChat -11:46 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @kingfisherinc BI 4.0 has already been deployed and I am using my mobile dashboards on that latest technology #sapchat -11:47 AM Nov 15th, 2011

kingfisherinc @sapcio Nice! We deliver these solutions internally, and to our customers, as well. Thanks for taking time for#SAPChat - Very informative! -11:55 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @kingfisherinc Check out #saprunssap and #sapchat -11:56 AM Nov 15th, 2011


SAP @SAPCIO - Oliver, which customer had the fastest #SAP#HANA implementation? How long did it take? #SAPChat -11:46 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @SAP Red Bull did the BW 7.3 (orange) implementation on#saphana SP3 in 2 days #sapchat -11:48 AM Nov 15th,


zhakipzhanov @sapcio do you think Sybase Afaria will be interesting to CIS clients? #SAPchat -11:46 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @zhakipzhanov Yes – I do. Absolutely, Sybase Afaria is perfect for CIS clients #sapchat -11:49 AM Nov 15th, 2011


ericylai R U testing $199 Amazon Kindle Fire? Sybase CIO Jim Schwartz is #SAPChat -11:48 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @ericylai I will test the Amazon Kindle Fire #sapchat -11:50 AM Nov 15th, 2011


tribalimpact As a social #CIO do you see #socialmedia as an useful for employees in their jobs or a distraction? Interested in your view! #sapchat -11:48 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @tribalimpact Social media is a must have comms tool for Executives like a CIO to interact with internal and external stakeholers #sapchat -11:49 AM Nov 15th, 2011


rhirsch @sapcio I’m curious – does SAP have problems with ShadowIT from LoBs #sapchat -11:52 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @rhirsch We have Business Information Officers in each LoB with full transparency and joint project portfolio decisions #sapchat


kp_pk_kpk HANA req sp H/W requirements to b fulfilled to get max efficiency,Dont u think Clients wyd thnk twice 2 invest for their mobile app?#sapchat -11:52 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @kp_pk_kpk The #saphana business cases are very compelling with improvements between factor of 10K and 100K#sapchat -11:54 AM Nov 15th, 2011


Blag RT @skeohan: Wow, #sapchat with @sapcio is a great idea? Following the tweets via > This must be a first for a major CIO!! -11:50 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @Blag Thank you – Also feel free to follow the #saprunssapblog #sapchat -11:51 AM Nov 15th, 2011

thorstenster Thanks, @sapcio! Great idea, hope this will be repeated. #SAPChat -11:52 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @thorstenster It’s fun to do the TweetChat – we will continue #sapchat -11:52 AM Nov 15th, 2011

SAP_Jarret Kudos to @sapcio for taking part in the #SAPchat & being so open. Transcript can be found at #EnSw -11:55 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @SAP_Jarret We’re not finished yet ;o) #sapchat -11:55 AM Nov 15th, 2011

yojibee @sapcio Thanks for the #SAPChat! No time to ask questions this time, but been following the Q&A. Hope it will be repeated.. -11:58 AM Nov 15th, 2011

sapcio @yojibee It will be repeated #sapchat -11:58 AM Nov 15th, 2011

SAP And a special thanks to @SAPCIO for spending his time with our followers during today’s #SAPChat! -12:01 PM Nov 15th, 2011

SAP That does it for today’s #SAPChat. Thanks for joining everyone, we’ll be compiling a transcript for those of you who couldn’t follow. -12:00 PM Nov 15th, 2011