June, 2011

Learning: The Magic Sauce for Innovation. Thought Leader Interview with SAP CIO Oliver Bussmann

 Oliver Bussmann is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of SAP and well known for his “SAP runs SAP” campaign and for his deployment of over 1,000 iPads to SAP employees soon after the iPad initial launch. John Kleemann interviewed him about how the innovative things that SAP is doing are making it easier for people to learn, and conversely, how learning helps bring about new ideas.  Read the full interview here.

Oliver Bussmann on the Consumerization of IT

Each week BBC News asks high-profile technology decision-makers three questions.  This week it is the turn of SAP CIO, Oliver Bussmann. Read the interview in full here.

David Poisson speaks about Single Sign On for Mobile BI

SAP Global IT expert David Poisson shares his insight on Single Sign on for Mobile BI in his latest blog post on SCN.  Read it in full here.  Watch this space for the Bill Kozel interview with David Poisson, coming very soon.

New series: Eric Lai and Oliver Bussmann talk Enterprise Mobility

Eric Lai and Oliver Bussmann are going to share their insights of SAP’s internal use of mobility and its overall IT transformation on a monthly basis via Eric’s ZDNet blog. Read “SAP CIO: We’re “Jumping On” New Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets” here

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