May, 2011

SAP Runs SAP: Enterprise Mobility

Watch SAP CIO Oliver Bussmann and Miles O’Brien discuss how SAP has mobilized its business.  Learn how SAP formulated its internal mobility strategy, how SAP executed this strategy, what challenges were faced, and what benefits SAP delivered to its lines of business. Click here to watch (Registration requried)

SAP Runs SAP: Afaria Enables Mobility at Global SAPPHIRE NOW

At Global SAPPHIRE NOW 2011 in Orlando, it was the year of mobility. Tablets and smartphones were ubiquitous and thousands of them were in the hands of the global SAP team. As global service owner, Mobility for the SAP Global IT team, Josh Bentley was responsible for configuring these devices, and keeping them fully up-to-date during the fast-moving event. Josh took time out to speak with Bill Kozel about his team’s pioneering use of Afaria, the Sybase mobile device management and security solution.


Silicon – Oliver Bussmann in the Cube

Oliver Bussmann in the cube with John Furrier and Dave Vellante at SAPPHIRE NOW 2011 chatting about Tablets, In-Memory, Twitter and SAP runs SAP. Watch it here

SAP Runs SAP: An Exciting Debut at Global SAPPHIRE NOW

Patrick Tupper is Vice President, Business Development for SAP Global IT, and leads the SAP Runs SAP initiative. He spoke with Bill Kozel about the team’s plans for Global SAPPHIRE NOW 2011 in Orlando, May 15-18.

Bill Kozel: Pat, for the first time ever, the SAP Runs SAP team plans to have a big presence at Global SAPPHIRE NOW 2011. Who will be there?


WSJ Tech’s Top 25 welcomes SAP CIO Oliver Bussmann

The Wall Street Journal has announced its Tech Leader Group – SAP CIO Oliver Bussmann is proud to be on board. Read the full article here

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