April, 2011

press:here SAP Places its Tablet Bets

Scott McGrew speaks to SAP CIO Oliver Bussmann on the rise of Tablets as part of the press:here show. Watch it here.

SAP Runs SAP: In-Memory

In-memory technology will radically change business processes and the way businesses are run in the future. Enabling processing of huge amounts of data in real time, in-memory technology is the result of high-tech research.Together with current hardware developments, the technology paves the way for fundamental innovations in business and the IT industry.
Watch the clip here

SAP Runs SAP: Enterprise Mobility

According to IDC, by 2013, more than 1.19 billion workers worldwide will be using mobile technology. They will access sometimes sensitive data outside the secure walls of corporate headquarters. A challenge for enterprises and CIOs. Watch this clip to see how SAP Global IT is rising to this challenge.

SAP Runs SAP: Green IT (with a difference)

Energy management is an emerging challenge in enterprises. Not only is data center energy consumption the fastest-growing cost, it is also the single largestline item in a CIO’s operating expenses. See how SAP Global IT is successfully reducing CO2 emissions and cost in a futuristic style. SAP Runs SAP: Green IT

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