March, 2011

Timo Elliott on SAP BI Competency Center

Timo Elliott writes about the SAP BI Competency Center in his latest blog. Always worth a read! Click to read here.

BI4ALL in plain english@SAP 2011

As the title says, the clip describes the concept of Business Intelligence for ALL at SAP. A great example of how SAP runs SAP. Enjoy!

Sybase Afaria and SAP: Securing Enterprise Mobility

With so many mobile operating systems and devices choices available, you need a solution that can manage—and secure—all your critical enterprise data, mobile applications and devices. Afaria simplifies the management complexities of an on-the-go workforce by ensuring that all data stored and transmitted by mobile devices is secure. Jeff Schwartz from Sybase IT explains how SAP and Sybase use Sybase Afaria to secure our enterprise mobility landscape. (more…)

SAP runs HANA (in memory)

See how SAP is benefiting from the power and speed of In-Memory technology as it’s own first customer running SAP HANA in the Opportunity Management area.´

Go to Video of SAP runs HANA (in memory)


  • Oliver Bussmann, CIO, SAP
  • Martin Heisig, Vice President Enterprise Architecture, SAP
  • Amogh Umbarkar, Program Manager In-Memory Adotion, SAP

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