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#SAPRunsSAP – SAP CIO Blog is moving to the #SCN !


As of May 1, 2014, the “SAP CIO Blog” will be featured in the SAP Runs SAP space on the SAP Community Network (SCN).

The SAP Runs SAP space covers topics related to how SAP runs SAP, and is dedicated to future thinking, identifying trends, and sharing our experiences. CIO Björn Goerke and other SAP IT thought leaders are joined by experts from around the company to share their knowledge here. Now, you can stay up to date on our latest projects, events, and media coverage, and participate in discussions and ask questions in one stop. Join us!

Webcast Invite – #SAPRunsSAP in the Cloud (AU/NZ) with SAP CIO Björn Goerke

Webcast – Australia/New Zealand time zone

SAP runs SAP in the Cloud, with SAP global CIO Björn Goerke


Have you ever dreamed of faster, simpler and smarter solutions that allow you to innovate your business model and move your company to a new level of performance – without any upfront spending?

Join us for a webcast and learn how: SAP runs SAP in the Cloud

Date: Tuesday, April 1, 2014
Time: 11:00am Perth / 2:00pm Sydney (AEST) / 4.00pm NZ
Duration: 60-minutes
Register here

Hear from SAP CIO and Executive Vice President of Cloud and Infrastructure Delivery Björn Goerke on how SAP runs SAP in the Cloud, and learn how your organisation can transform to run simpler.

By enabling analysis on live transactional data in real time, the SAP HANA platform has the power to transform the way you run your business. But the question remains: what’s the best way to deploy this breakthrough in-memory technology for your company?
With limited resources, your IT group may seek a quick, cost-effective deployment and ramp-up experience. After all, real-time business is about speed – and getting there should be fast, too.
This is where the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud service can help.


This is your opportunity to hear how SAP uses a single instance of core applications in the cloud to serve 67,000 employees worldwide, and to securely connect 20,000 mobile workers to SAP data. Plus, find out how you too can take advantage of this service.

As one of the largest customers of SAP worldwide, SAP is using SAP to run faster, simpler and smarter.

Hear how SAP and our customers are gaining real-time insight – with the simplicity of the cloud.

This session is presented live from Melbourne, Australia, where Björn is presenting the opening keynote at Mastering SAP Technologies on Monday, 31 March.


Read Björn’s recent article on the changing role of a CIO.

For some examples of ‘SAP runs SAP’, see the SAP Global IT Blog — SAP Runs SAP

Don’t miss out – join us for SAP runs SAP in the Cloud [webcast]
Date: Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Register here

Born to be digital: How leading CIOs are preparing for a digital transformation

Originally published by Ernst & Young.

Digital technologies – including social media, the cloud, data analytics and mobile – are rapidly emerging as disruptive forces for businesses across all industries, from retailers and banks through to carmakers and energy companies. They are fundamentally changing the ways in which consumers interact with these companies, while also opening up new business models at the heart of these firms.

“When I look at the sales and marketing organization, the amount of automation and data-driven information that they use in their daily business is magnitudes bigger than just a couple of years ago.” – Michael Golz, CIO Americas, SAP

In 2012, our research into The DNA of the CIO discovered that CIOs and CTOs from certain industries tended to express greater satisfaction while holding a stronger voice within their respective organizations. We determined that they were well positioned to tackle the digital transformation that many businesses are now undertaking. We defined these as IT-intensive industries such as banks, pharmaceutical companies, telecommunications firms, media houses and, of course technology firms themselves.

Based-upon research in these kinds of industries, our new research therefore provides new insights on what it takes to succeed in a digital world:

  1. How CIOs within highly IT-intensive industries differ from other CIOs
  2. What lessons CIOs can take from those CIOs who are leading transformation efforts on digital
  3. What career choices other CIOs made to fulfil their aspiration for a broader role and greater influence

The research draws on a survey of 166 (information) technology leaders from a range of IT-intensive industries, as these are the firms where CIOs are likely to have the greatest scope and widest remit in their roles.

Born to be digital is part of the EY CIO program which aims to facilitate networking and addressing the personal interests of CIOs as they develop themselves, their teams, their functions and their careers.

Download the report.

#SAPRunsSAP: How We Saved €340K Per Year

SAP’s idea management program is the idea hub for SAP employees. Submitting a winning idea – one that is implemented – strengthens SAP processes and innovation efforts. Check out this story on How We Saved €340K Per Year.


#SAPRunsSAP 2013 Highlights [VIDEO]


  • Michael Golz, SAP Americas CIO and Head of the SAP Runs SAP team, talks about the SAP internal adoption of Business Suite on SAP HANA and the Role of IT:


  • Björn Goerke, Executive Vice President of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud and Chief Information Officer SAP AG, shares his view on the combined value for customers.


  • A message from Helen Arnold, Head of Business Innovation and Application Services at SAP AG:


  • Björn Goerke, the new corporate CIO of SAP, explains the redefined role of the CIO and his important task: Accelerating Innovation for the Customer.


  • SAP Runs SAP Cloud Hangout with Oxford Economics


  • SAP Runs SAP Hangout with Jonathan Becher, SAP CMO, and Michael Golz, SAP CIO Americas


  • SAP Runs SAP Cloud Solutions for HR Business Excellence with Brigette McInnis-Day


  • Discover how SAP Runs SAP Mobile Solutions with Wolfgang Hegmann, Enterprise Architect and speaker in SAP TechEd Las Vegas and Amsterdam.


  • Interview: The IT colleagues who run the network and client management for the conferences. Andreas Koch, IT Manager and Michael Reiser, IT Architect Expert talk about ‘SAP TechEd IT: Behind the Servers’.


  • SAP Runs SAP Cloud Solutions to Supercharge Talent

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