The Mobile Device Is The Electronic Swiss Army Knife


Mobile devices have come a long way from the brick phones of the 70s and 80s. The brick phones existed for a single task – to make calls. You can think of them as a butter knife. It’s great for spreading butter or the occasional cheese dip, but not much else.

Today’s mobile devices are more like Swiss Army Knives.

In a new Harvard Business Review (HBR) whitepaper, How Mobility is Transforming Industries, the authors point to a 2012 IDG survey that reveals people are using their mobile devices to replace alarm clocks, personal organizers, newspapers, music players, land-line phones, books and computers.

And that’s just in their personal lives. Mobile technology is also revolutionizing the way we work.

The whitepaper also highlights that out of the 21,000 IT professionals surveyed, 55% are using mobile applications for work related tasks. Mobile applications and technology go beyond the IT department and are being entrenched at all employee levels across many industries. From utility workers to nurses and retail sales associates to consumers, companies are making integrated mobile applications readily available to turn employee and customer mobile devices into electronic Swiss Army Knives.

Learn how utility, healthcare, financial services and other industries are enabling employees, customers and partners to get more work done faster with innovative usages of mobile technology.

Read the How Mobility is Transforming Industries whitepaper and watch a short video. Just imagine…what will your mobile device replace next?

Milja Gillespie is Director marketing mobile security at SAP.

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