Building the high performance bank

947255_602734076413942_1049705279_nShareholders expect more, customers expect more, regulators expect more and nobody wants to hear no or we can’t do that. This is the state of the banking industry today, and the only choice bankers have is to find new ways to meet these heightened expectations. From increased federal oversight, customers’ expectations for a true Omni-channel banking experience, all the way to shareholder demands for higher profits and stock prices, banks need to find ways to improve performance across the board and a partner that can help them achieve and exceed these lofty expectations.

A truly high performing bank has to focus on improvements in several areas in order to meet the needs of customers, shareholders, and regulators while not forgetting to keep an eye on the competition. This means having core systems running in real time to give your executive and sales teams a real time 360 degree view of how your customers and bank are performing. State of the art data integration and reporting solutions enable you to respond to regulatory requests in a timely manner, and finally an Omni-Channel banking experience allows your customers to interact with the bank through multiple channels when and how they want.

So, where can a banking professional go to find these solutions and learn how to become a high performance bank? The answer is the SAP Financial Services Forum taking place September 18-19 at the Hilton midtown in New York.

This two day event kicks off with a key note from Bill McDermott Co-CEO of SAP, followed by afternoon breakout sessions focused on providing banking professionals with the foundation they need to make shareholders happy, comply with the demands of regulators and deliver to your customers the banking experience they demand.

Register today and join us September 18-19 at the SAP Financial Services Forum.

Andrew Winick – Director of Industry Marketing for Banking & Insurance at SAP

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