Introducing guest blogger, Chris Skinner

chirs skinnerSAP is pleased to introduce Chris Skinner as an esteemed guest blogger on Banking View in 2013.

Beginning this week, Chris will be sharing his thoughts on a range of topics, including innovation, regulation, mobile banking and more.
Chris Skinner is best known as an independent commentator on the financial markets through his blog the Finanser. When he is not travelling and delivering keynote speeches, Chris chairs the Financial Services Club, which he founded in 2004. The Financial Services Club is a network for financial professionals, and focuses on the future of financial services through the delivery of high quality and in-depth research, analysis, commentary and debate. Chris is also Chief Executive of Balatro Ltd, and a co-founder of the website Shaping Tomorrow .

Having worked with Chris for over 10 years, I am personally excited to see what sorts of discussions Chris will provoke. We hope you’ll check back regularly and join the conversation.

Please join me in welcoming Chris to Banking View. We look forward to the dialogues to come!


    christopher perrien says:

    Maybe we can now bring SAP-like rigor to banking operations. Congratulations Chris. cp

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