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GRC Tuesdays: GRC is NOT My Life

by Jan Gardiner, CPA, GRC Solution Management, SAP

My Fictional Day Begins…. By Carla

After I drag myself out of bed and finish my morning ablutions, I sit down with coffee and cereal to read the latest Federal Register followed by Compliance Today and a few industry publications. I make notes as I go of any regulation changes relevant to my job. You see, the company is extremely interested in avoiding compliance risk—and to be honest, it makes my work life miserable.


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GRC Tuesdays: GRC Software Selection and Implementation: Are You Designing the Automotor Horse?

by Jan Gardiner, CPA, GRC Solution Management, SAP

What IS an automotor horse, you may ask, and what does it have to do with governance, risk, and compliance (GRC)? First, let me share a little background.


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Webinar Sneak Peek: A Comprehensive Look at Standard and Custom Reporting Options with SAP Solutions for GRC

by Erin Hughes, GRC Solution Marketing, SAP

Do you spend a lot of time fielding requests for reports from the users of your governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solutions?

Are your users looking for a mobile solution to view risk-related information?

If so, join us for a webinar on Wednesday, August 22, 2012, at 8:00am Pacific time, to learn about the standard and custom reporting options in the latest release of the SAP solutions for GRC that can help you and your users save time and get the reports you need.


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“Best GRC Event Ever”

by Michael Lortz, Senior Director, GRC Solution Marketing, SAP

That’s a quote.

What am I talking about?


What Is GRC2012? Well, Really, What Was It?

GRC2012 is the largest GRC customer event in North America and possibly in the world. SAP, in close collaboration with SAPinsider, welcomed roughly 3,000 customers, partners, and colleagues to Las Vegas for three co-located events: GRC2012, Financials2012, and HR2012. The turnout was impressive.


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Governance, Risk, and Compliance Management: The Importance of Monitoring

By Dave Anderson, Director, Marketing, Business Analytics, SAP

Many companies today are so focused on simply running the business, that the first time they realize a risk event or compliance violation has occurred is when their auditors tell them, or when they show up on the news. By this point, it’s generally too late. . .the performance of their business has been impacted, and they still have to mitigate the underlying issue. Is there a better way manage risk and compliance activities then the current reactive, report-driven approach? I believe there is.

An Automated, Proactive Approach Is Key

Even if companies have a standard program to assess and mitigate risk and compliance activities, how do they know whether the controls and risk processes are effective throughout the year, between the point-in-time assessments?

A more effective approach is to leverage automated, continuous monitoring capabilities that enable you to proactively identify a potential risk or control issue before it occurs, allowing you to respond and mitigate the underlying issue before it becomes an actual risk event or compliance violation. If you can automatically monitor key risk indicators across your underlying IT systems and applications, you can proactively understand trends in your overall risk exposure, understand which business processes and systems are at risk, and take appropriate actions to mitigate these issues before the trend becomes an actual event.

How Do You Manage Your Risk and Compliance Activities Today?

Are risks and control failures identified by your auditor or consultant, often well after they have already occurred? Have you experienced a negative impact to your performance because of this, whether escalated remediation costs, loss of customers or partners, or brand or market risk loss from which you’re still recovering?

Any governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solution should allow your business to monitor any underlying IT system that supports any of your key business processes, so that you can proactively identify and mitigate potential risks and compliance violations before the occur. GRC is no longer about just reporting. GRC is about proactive management of the risks and compliance activities that lead to increased performance of your business processes.

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