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Top Seven Reasons to Consider SAP Cloud for Planning

On Monday, Feb 16th 2015, SAP Cloud for Planning was put in the limelight at the SAP FP&A Summit in San Diego, CA. The successful launch of this solution is in line with SAP’s commitment to cloud platform-based solutions. SAP Cloud for Planning makes planning functionality available to customers in software as a service (SaaS). Customers, no longer constrained by their hardware and IT resources, can access world-class planning with the simplicity of the cloud. (more…)

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10 Things to See and Do at SAPinsider Financials 2015

We’re already well into 2015 and the first key event for the SAP enterprise performance management (EPM) team, partners, and most importantly, our customers, is just about upon us. SAPinsider Financials 2015, hosted by Wellesley Information Services and co-located with SAPinsider GRC 2015, runs from March 17–20 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (more…)

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Announcing SAP Cloud for Planning

Today at the FP&A Innovation Summit in San Diego, I had the privilege of delivering the keynote to a marquee audience of finance professionals with Dr Rouven Bergmann, CFO SAP North America. We talked about “The Rise of the Analytical CFO” and how “Technology Innovation” around Cloud and Analytics is driving financial transformation today. Yet when we look at recent research we find that a very large percentage of finance professionals are still struggling with financial applications that were supposed to make their job easier. (more…)

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Design Symphony: Developing Cloud-Based Planning Software Around the User Experience

By Nico Licht, UX Lead, SAP Cloud for Planning

When designing SAP Cloud for Planning we embraced some basic design principles. In this blog I’d like to share the principles we challenged our global management team with.

It’s not just about function but also design. About ten years ago Apple published a set of user experience guidelines for their developers. For me, four basic design principles stood out: simplicity, availability, familiarity and forgiveness. (more…)

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Who Are the Animals of Analytics-Based Performance Management? – Part 2

by Gary Cokins, Founder of Analytics-Based Performance Management LLC

Doubtless after part 1 of my latest blog, which sought to compare human and animal behavioral characteristics in the context of performance management, many readers have since been busy assigning colleagues and team members to the various enclosures in their imaginary corporate zoo. With many animals missing from my earlier blog, let me now help you populate the rest of your zoo before you open the doors to the public. (more…)

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