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Drive Return on Assets by Governing Asset Data

For capital intensive industries like Oil & Gas, Utilities, Telecommunications, and Manufacturing return on assets (ROA) is a critical performance metric, as it measures how efficiently management is using its assets to generate earnings. Maximizing ROA depends on optimal equipment productivity throughout the entire equipment lifecycle. The utilization of capital equipment is largely determined by the duration and frequency of planned maintenance and unscheduled plant stoppages due to equipment failure. (more…)

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Make Intelligent Decisions With Big Data [Infographic]

by Lindsay Nelson, SAP

Just because it’s big, doesn’t mean it’s bad so don’t be afraid of it. It’s helping the CDC save you from the closest flu outbreak, it’s fighting pirates, and it’s also helping sales & marketing departments everywhere.

It’s big data and it is a big opportunity for business despite the bleak economy.


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Mastering Big Data to Exploit New Opportunities in Real Time: Business in the Moment Webinar # 4

Join us on June 14 for our fourth Business in the Moment webinar, focused on big data and predictive analytics.

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Webinar Details

In this webinar Marie Goodell, senior director, EIM solution marketing, SAP, will discuss how to gain unimagined insights from your big data by combining huge volumes of data – from CRM entries to Facebook posts – at unprecedented speed. She’ll also cover how to leverage predictive analysis for insights that lead to remarkable results.


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Foster a Culture of Analytics and Revolutionize Decision-Making

by John Schweitzer, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Analytics, SAP

Earlier this week, I kicked off the Analytics campus at SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando and was thrilled to talk about SAP’s “Decision Revolution.” More than ever before, SAP is focused on changing how our customers make better, more informed decisions. Every day, companies are faced with decisions about which products to launch, how to meet regulatory requirements and how to take their operations mobile, just to name a few. That’s where driving an analytics culture and the Decision Revolution come into play.


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Understanding the Recent Branding Changes for Analytics Solutions from SAP

By Helen Dwight, Sr. Director, Analytics Solution Marketing, SAP

In the recently published Gartner report, Market Share Analysis: Business Intelligence, Analytics and Performance Management, Worldwide, 2011, SAP was ranked #1, with a 23.6 percent share of the worldwide market. It’s clear from the report that SAP’s growth rate is strong. In order to continue this market momentum – and create more focus – we’re changing the branding of our analytics solutions at SAP in three main ways. 


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