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5 More Reasons Why More Data Doesn’t Guarantee Better Decisions

In my last blog, I discussed 5 reasons why more data doesn’t guarantee better decisions. I had picked what I considered my top five from a long list of reasons. I must have hit a nerve with our readers because the response has been tremendous. So today I’ve incorporated some of that feedback into this list of five more reasons why, with all this data, better decisions aren’t guaranteed. (more…)

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Customer Stars Are Going to Shine Over SAPPHIRE NOW Orlando

by Trish Harman, Information Management, SAP

A certain mouse, a big whale, and a wizard won’t be the only stars in Orlando this May 14-16, 2013!

Come to the SAPPHIRE NOW conference to learn about information management and you’ll get to meet our customer stars!  SAP has lined up some great customers to share their stories on exciting topics like information governance, big data, master data management, data quality and integration, and content management. (more…)

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Mobile DQ – the Next Evolution of Mobile BI?

Should data quality be at the forefront of the migration to the mobile presentation of information? As we continue to move towards a “mobile mindset,” data quality can truly be a means to understand your customer, competition, and business partners by leveraging the additional information referred to as “geographic data services.” The possibilities are endless; however, the good news is the technology and capabilities exist today. It is the integration (and developing the killer “app”) that might be needed to tie the pieces together.

Read what SAP partner Capgemni has to say about the next evolution of mobile BI.

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Data Quality: Collaboration Is the Key According to Capgemini

Although generating data quality scorecards sounds easy enough, the underlying problem is often deeper than just a data issue. Rather, it is an organizational issue around developing a framework that ensures frequent collaboration between business and IT.  Without collaboration, any tools and processes currently in place are destined for failure, as the people aspect (the third pillar for success in a data quality initiative) is missing.

Read Capgemini’s take on how to discover where the technology fits, where to start, and how your organization rates.


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What do your customers say about you when you are not looking?

A couple of weeks ago, I presented at SAPInsider in Barcelona, and the session I covered turned out to be very interactive and attendees were very engaging.  I can only imagine that it was due to the topic covered and not to the time of my presentation (right before lunch time). In any case, I started the conversation by sharing interesting statistics about the data explosion in unstructured data, which represent 85 percent of all data stored at any given organization and how 80 percent of business today is conducted on unstructured information (PDF, blogs, word, email, etc.).  According to Garner Group, 7 million pages are added every day and unstructured data doubles every three years.  With all this information floating around, no wonder why companies are always trying to bridge the communication gap to learn from customers.  Companies learn about their customers and markets by looking at market research firms, net promoter scores, customer satisfaction surveys, analyst reports and expert reviews, anecdotes and word or mouth.  At the same time, companies want to understand how customers communicate their feedback,  i.e.:  call center complaints, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, blogs forum, product review sites, etc.  Tapping into the wisdom of the crowd is essential for competitive advantage.

High volume of unstructured data brings challenges to the organization that soon or later need to be addressed:   volume of content can overwhelms existing resources, the Internet brings a voice to anyone with a connection, hard to distinguish critical information from the rest, and manual research and outsourcing are time-intensive and costly.  So here are my questions to you:  How will your organization face the challenges of managing the explosion of unstructered data?  Can you afford not to monitor and listen to this feedback? Can you maintain competitive advantage and responsiveness when the word travels faster than we do?  Remember, customers rely on the Internet and they read customer feedbacks, products rating, etc. before making purchasing decisions.

Imagine for a second a business intelligence environment where you can:

  • Monitor known topics and discover emerging trends
  • Quantify customer pain points related to product quality, customer service, or channels
  • Correlate customer feedback with structured data, such as segment, geography, product strategic customers, etc.
  • Report on unstructured data to key decision makers
  • Drill down to explain why statistics are the way they are

Guess what, software solutions like that already exist and you probably didn’t know it.  To start with, take a quick look at an SAP Thought Leadership paper titled Retailing in a Social Media World Connect with Shoppers to Boost Market Share and see how an ideal solution integrates software for analyzing customer sentiment with software for managing key retail processes – including customer relationship management and associated downstream retail business processes such as merchandising, supply chain management, and workforce management.  If agree with the reading, send me a note or contact SAP, I’ll be interested in hearing your opinion.

Bill P. Rojas
Solutions Marketing Management
SAP BusinessObjects Division

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